Pia Malaney’s Age, Net Worth, Husband, Children, & Ethnicity

Pia Malaney (Weinstein) is an American economist who rose to prominence as the wife of famous American economist, mathematician, managing director, and writer Eric Weinstein. She is a well-known researcher who often lends a hand to her husband Eric’s ventures. 

Pia Malaney’s Age, Ethnicity, Religion, and Family

Pia N. Malaney hails from a multicultural family and belongs to mixed ethnicity. the American national was raised in India. However, the details of her birth date are not known and neither is her current age. 

Her family is originally from Iraq and Iran. Later her family shifted to India and then finally to America. Likewise, her father practices Hinduism while her mother follows Jewish ideology. That being said, Pia is not Indian however, she grew up in India and had Muslim and Hindu friends.

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Pia Malaney Husband Eric Weinstein

Talking about her personal life, Pia is married to a famous and highly skilled mathematician Eric Weinstein. Pia and Eric share two children; a daughter named Sophia and a son named Zev.

Apart from this, the couple also researched a project titled ‘Geometric Marginalism’ in 2012 and created the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’. in addition to this, Pia’s husband Eric is the managing director of ‘Thiel Capital Investment Firm’.

Besides, Pia’s brother-in-law is Bret Weinstein who is a reputed revolutionary theorist and biologist. She currently resides in San Francisco, California. She is also very active on social media and often uses the platform for economic, social, and political issues discussions.

Pia Malaney’s Net Worth

The details on her net value have not been revealed however, she is assumed to have earned a significant amount of salary and wealth from her successful career over more than two decades through her professional career as a researcher, director as well as a writer.


Pia has also spent the last two decades working as a researcher in a variety of institutions including Harvard University and INET to anime a few. In 1997, Pia started her career as a professional researcher and currently serves as a senior economist for INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking). She focuses on biological, economic, and sociological topics in particular. She is also a writer in addition to all of this and has written multiple published papers and a thesis on the ‘Gauge Theoretic Welfare Foundation’ under the supervision of Eric Maskin.

Moreover, her husband Eric was later appointed as a co-founder of the ‘Centre for Innovation, Growth, and Society where she serves as a director. In addition, her husband’s geometric marginalism project has benefited from her assistance. 

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As regards to her educational background, Pia has excellent academic credits. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and holds a degree in Economics. Additionally, she was also a member of her school’s ‘PPhi Beta Kappa’ society. Furthermore, she holds a Doctorate degree of Philosophy majoring in Economics from Harvard University. 

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