Glen de Vries Net Worth, Bio, Wife, & Family

Glen de Vries is the co-founder of a technology company, Medidata Solutions, who recently lost his life in a plane crash in the Hampton Township area in New Jersey. Less than a month before his death, he went to space during the Blue Origin NS-18 suborbital mission. He was one of the first 600 people who had been there. 

Vries was a successful businessman with a solid academic background. He had a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Sydney. Vries also had a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and genetics. His life was full of achievements as he had even worked for NASA. 

Biography Summary

Popular NameGlen de Vries
Real NameGlen de Vries
Date of birthJune 29, 1972
Age at Death49 years old
Place of birthUnknown
MotherNot disclosed
SisterNot disclosed
SpouseMaria Bucheimer
OccupationBusinessman and entrepreneur
Net worth900 Million USD
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idcaptainclinical

Glen de Vries Net Worth

Vries was the co-founder and the co-CEO of the company Medidata Solutions since its beginning in 1999.

His company was already a success as it had powered more than 25000 trails and was generating massive profits.

Besides Medidata, Vries also had many other businesses running. So, till the day he died in an unfortunate accident, he had a net worth of 900 million USD.

Glen de Vries Family and Personal Details

Though the extraordinary works of the businessman were often in the news, when it came to his private life, he was very secretive. So, no one knows anything about his family, not even their name.

People came to know about his wife and partner only after his death when everyone sent their condolences.

Vries recently came in the news for taking the Blue Origin flight, along with actor William Shatner.

Blue Origin is an aerospace manufacturing company owned by Jeff Bezos, which provides suborbital space flights services.

During the Blue Origin NS-18 suborbital mission, Vries and Willaim flew to space and became the first 600 people to reach there.

When they returned to earth, Vries described his experience as worth the money he spent to get a ticket for the trip.

He lived an extraordinary life with many achievements, but he isn’t among us anymore. On November 11, he got in an accident while flying the Cessna 172 with his instructor Thomas P. Fischer, who also owned a flight school.

Although Vries was a certificated private pilot and even had instrument ratings, investigators still haven’t figured out the actual reason for the accident. 

Glen’s Wife and Relationship

Vries never shared anything about his personal or married life when he was alive. However, after his death, the identity of his wife got disclosed. 

He has been married to Maria Bucheimer since 2011. The couple met for the first time at a bar, where Bucheimer was the bartender, and he was a regular.

Despite having a wife, Vries also had a relationship outside of his marriage. He had a relationship with his partner Leah, whose identity is still unknown to the public.

Education and Degree

The 52 year-old late businessman had a great academic background.

He was an undergraduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in molecular biology and genetics.

Even after having a degree in molecular biology and genetics, he enrolled in Courant Institute of Mathematics to study computer science as he was always in computers.

After getting his degree in computer science, he joined the University of Sydney, where he earned his Ph.D. in physics.

Career and Medidata Solutions

Late Vries started his career as a research assistant at New York University. He worked here for two years before joining Columbia University as a research associate.

Even at Columbia University, he worked for just two years and then resigned. In the same month of his resignation, he started working for the Columbia Presbyterian Medical center as its EMR project director.

After working for many years under others, Vries finally decided to start his own company and founded OceanTek, a technology company developing apps for e-commerce and healthcare.

He was the president of OceanTek and gave two years of his life. While he stepped down from the position of president in January of 1999, the same year, he co-founded Medidata Solutions with Tarek Sherif and Edward Ikeguchi.

Medidata Solutions is a technology company that works to develop and market the software as a service that aids during clinical trials. 

Vries worked as its president for twenty-two years before stepping down and taking the role of co-CEO.

To this day, Medidata has aided 25000 clinical trials and has helped more than 1 million patients.

The company deals with software for diverse clinical trials, from cancers to vaccines and even diseases.

While still managing the Medidata, Vries also had his association with Carnegie Mellon University as its trustee from 2017 to the day he died.

Though Vries became the victim of a plane accident and lost his life, people will remember his works and contributions.