TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s Net Worth, Wife, Secrets, & Biography

Chew Shou Zi is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TikTok. Here is everything you need to know about this young CEO.

Quick Bio

  • Real name:- Shou Zi Chew                        
  • Date of birth:- 1983
  • Age:- 40 years old
  • Place of birth:- Singapore
  • Father:- Not disclosed                             
  • Mother:- Not disclosed                 
  • Siblings:- Not disclosed
  • Status:- Married
  • Wife:- Vivian Kao
  • Children:- Two
  • Occupation:- Businessman and Investor
  • Net worth:- 200 million USD
  • Nationality:- Singaporean
  • Religion:- Unknown
  • Zodiac:- Unknown
  • Height:- 5.9 ft (180 cm)
  • Weight:- Unknown
  • Measurement- Unknown              
  • Hair color:- Black
  • Eye color:- Black
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Instagram id:- shouzichew
  • Twitter:- ShouZiChew

Family and Personal Life

Shou Zi Chew was born in 1983 in Singapore. He is currently 40 years old.

Chew is a private man when it comes to his personal life. So, the public does not know about his parents.


However, Chew has put his status very public. He is married to another Harvard graduate, Vivian Kao. 

Kao is of Chinese nationality and has an MBA degree like her husband. Chew and Kao both are in the same field of work. The couple has two beautiful children and an adorable pet, with whom they live in Beijing, China. 

Despite being one of the influential people, Chew is very down-to-earth and humble. Because of these traits, he gets along with people, and people respect him in his circle. 

He is even a popular and inspirational figure among the young generation. He has a huge number of followers on Twitter, which is 88.1K.

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Shou Zi Chew Wife

Chew is a happily married man. He has been married for more than a decade to businesswoman Vivian Koa, who he met in the first year of his college days. Chew and Koa get to know each other through emails and instantly hit it off. 

They married after both of them graduated and have been living a happy married life ever since then. The two of them perfectly balance each other and are always supporting each other. 

Shou Zi Chew Net Worth and Earnings

Chew is a person with an excellent career. He currently is the CEO of TikTok. He is also the investor as well as shareholder of many international companies. Chew gets a prime portion of his income from the investments and dividends. 

The profits that he gets from small and big organizations add more to his already existing fortune. If this was not enough, Chew also gets his hefty salary as the CEO of Tiktok and CFO of ByteDance. It all sums up to make his net worth 200 Million USD.

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Chew is one of the very few people who hold the title of CEO before forty. This sole fact says a lot about his career. He began his career by working for Goldman Sachs in their banking division and worked there from 2006-2008. After working for two years here, he started working for DST Management as a partner until 2015. Until this point, Chew had gathered more than enough experience. He was ready to move to the next level. 

In 2015 he joined the Xiaomi team, one of the biggest Chinese mobile companies. He worked as a CFO in Xiaomi for six straight years. He was also the earliest investor and shareholder of Xiaomi. 

He later shifted to being its president for international business. 

Chew played a massive role in getting the company listed. He became a man with years of working experience with global companies like Xiaomi, Alibaba, JD.com, Didi Dache, etc. 

He also has this humbleness to his behavior. All these made him get on the radar of many international companies. 

ByteDance, which is the parent company of TikTok, finally recruited him. He initially joined the company as its CFO but was promoted to CEO in a short period. With this, he became one of the very few people who has become CEO before turning forty. 

Likewise, TikTok has announced Vanessa Pappas as its new COO.

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Education and University

Chew has been an elite student throughout his student life. He has gone to the top universities of the world for his studies. 

When high school was over, Chew applied to one of the most prestigious colleges of London, the University College London (UCL), and got his undergraduate degree in Economics. 

After finishing his undergraduates, Chew went to Harvard University to get his MBA. Finally, he earned his MBA in 2010. He, along with his wife, are the volunteers as well as donors of Harvard University.