Miguel Bezos Age, Net Worth, Bio, & Family

Miguel Bezos Overview, Age, & Birthday

NameMiguel Angel Bezos
Known AsMike
Date of Birth1946
Age78 years old
Birth PlaceSan Diego de Cuba
WifeJacklyn Gise Bezos
Who is Miguel Bezos?

Miguel “Mike” Bezos is one of the ASPEN Institute trustees, vice president, and co-founder of the “ Bezos Family Foundation”. He is the step-dad of the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

How old is Miguel Bezos?

Miguel Bezos is currently 78 years old.

Is Miguel Bezos still alive?

Yes, he is still alive and living a healthy life.

Early life, Family & Education

Miguel, often referred to as ‘Mike’, was born and raised in Santiago de Cuba. He has a brother and a sister and lived a joyful life with his parents and siblings in his early years.

His father was a businessman who owned a lumber mill and his mother was a housewife who had her own store where she sold baby clothes and fabrics.

He is a Cuban native who immigrated to the USA alone at the young age of 16 in 1962.

After his arrival in the US, he initially stayed in a refugee camp “Camp Matecumbe” in Florida for three weeks.

Later, he was sent to Wilmington, Delaware where he attended high school and further got a scholarship to a college in Albuquerque.

Mike completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Albuquerque. He met his wife Jacklyn along with her son Jeff while in college. The native from Cuba claims to be a Cuban at first and is also a very proud American.

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Miguel Bezos Net Worth

Miguel Mike Bezos is the father of one of the world’s richest businessmen Jeff Bezos. His personal net worth is kept concealed from the media. However, the estimated net worth of his billionaire son is assumed to be around $190 billion USD.

But there are rumors that Miguel Bezos is worth billions because of his shares on Amazon. In 1995, Miguel and his wife Jackie invested $245,573 into Amazon.

He bought 582,528 shares and his wife Jackie Bezos bought 841,716 shares five months later. The share value is worth more than $30 billion today.

Since they are active in charities, they have donated some part of their shares to charities. They have donated 595,027 shares to the Bezos Family Foundation, and they may have donated some other shares or sold other shares as well.

In 2019, Mike Bezos and his wife Jackie donated $166 million to NYU Langone Health through their Bezos Family Foundation.

So, how much of Amazon shares he now owns is not revealed to the public yet.


Mike spent around three decades in numerous engineering and managerial positions in the US and other countries. He worked for oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil for 32 years as an engineer and manager.

Mike is the co-founder of the “Bezos Family Foundation” along with his wife, their children, and their spouses. All of them serve as the foundation’s directors, which provides educational aid to young people.

The foundation runs the “Bezos Scholars Program” at Aspen Institute and ‘the Aspen Challenge and Students Rebuild’ under them.

Apart from this, he is on the board of ‘New Classrooms Innovation Partners as well as the board member of the ‘National Museum of American History.’

Miguel Bezos Wife & Children

In 1968, Mike Bezos married Jacklyn Gise after her separation from her former husband Ted Jorgensen in 1965.

Even though Miguel Mike Bezos is not the biological father of Jeff Bezos, he legally adopted Jeff and raised him responsibly with his wife Jacklyn Bezos. 

Later, his daughter, Christina Poore, was born in 1969. She is renowned as the youngest sister of Amazon creator Jeff Bezos.

Christina and Stephen Poore are happily married.

Mark Bezos, his biological son, was born in 1970 and is popularly recognized as the Amazon founder’s younger brother. He works for ‘Robin Hood’, an anti-poverty association based in New York. Furthermore, he is a very proud grandparent to his 11 grandchildren.

His grandchild Preston Bezos has already started his career in business and entrepreneurship.

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How Miguel Met Jacklyn

Miguel Bezos met Jacklyn in a night school where Jacklyn, the single mom, would go with her an infant and two duffel bags. One bag was for her textbooks and the other one was full of Jeff’s diapers, bottles, and toys.

After a while, the couple moved together.