Nick Loeb’s Ex-Wife Anna Pettersson’s Biography, Next Husband, & Net Worth

Personal Life

Anna Pettersson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She was working as a model when she met Nick Loeb. Before marrying the American businessman and actor Loeb, Pettersson was not really in the media so, not many know about her early life. 

She married Loeb in 2004. The couple got blessed with marital happiness for four years, but they started having issues afterwards. 

In September 2009, police arrested Pettersson. Because of her first husband’s involvement in politics, the incident of her arrest became a nationwide headline. After just one month of this incident, Pettersson filed for a divorce with Loeb and ended their marriage. 

Their divorce created trouble for her then-husband Loeb, who left a running campaign for the state senate. For this, he had to bear the entire cost of the program from his pocket as compensation. 

After divorcing Loeb, Pettersson moved to Miami Beach and married her second husband, Mikael Lundell.

Anna Pettersson Husbands

Pettersson has married twice. Her first husband was the successful businessman, actor, and heir to many multi-dollar firms and companies, Nick Loeb. They married in 2004. However, due to irreconcilable differences, they divorced in Oct 2009, just after four years of marriage. 

After ending her first marriage, Pettersson got married to her second husband, Mikael Lundell. They got engaged in 2010 and then got married in July 2011. 

Like Pettersson, Lundell is also from Sweden. Lundell is a professional poker player. He is also the co-founder and CEO of the online conversion rate optimization platform, Converdiant. 

Career, Modeling, Blogging, and Photography

Pettersson worked as a model before marrying Loeb. Nothing much has come out about her time during her marriage with Lobe. However, after getting a divorce from her first marriage, she moved to Miami. In Miami, she worked as a photographer and a blogger. She posted her blogs on

Anna Pettersson Net Worth

After getting divorced from her first husband, she has been away from the limelight. So, her net worth is not known.


In September 2009, Petterson got arrested by the police for DUI. It made nationwide headlines as her first husband was in politics. It created controversy for both her and her then-husband, Nick Loeb.


No one knows about Anna Pettersson’s educational background.

Quick Bio

  • Real name:- Anna Pettersson                          
  • Date of birth:- Unknown
  • Place of birth:- Stockholm, Sweden
  • Father:- Not disclosed                            
  • Mother:- Not Disclosed                     
  • Siblings:- Not Disclosed
  • Status:- Married
  • Spouse:- Nick Loeb ( 2005-2009)

                       :- Mikael Lundell ( m. 2011)

  • Occupation:- Model, blogger, and photographer
  • Net worth:- Unknown
  • Nationality:- Swedish
  • Religion:- Unknown
  • Zodiac:- Unknown
  • Height:- Unknown
  • Weight:- Unknown
  • Measurement- Unknown              
  • Hair color:- Blonde
  • Eye color:- Grey
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Twitter:- Petdonkey