Nick Loeb’s Net Worth, Wife, & Personal Life

Nick Loeb Net Worth

Nick Loeb runs several multi-dollar companies running under him. He is also the heir to everything his family owned on both sides of his family. He even earns additional money from doing movies. However, his flourishing businesses are his prime source of income. He is said to have a net worth of 15 Million USD.

Parents and Family

Nick Loeb was born to John Langeloth Loeb and Meta Martindell Harrsen. 

His father was a former Ambassador to Germany and also a delegate to the UN. His father was also the heir to the Loeb Rhoades and Co., while his mother was to the Lehman brothers. It made Nick heir to both sides of his family. 

His father was Jewish and his mother an Episcopalian, and yet they were a happy couple. However, they got divorced. After the divorce, his mother remarried, but even this time, it did not work out for her. However, this time his mother murdered her third husband and then killed herself. 

Nick Loeb Wife and Relationships

Nick has been lucky in business, but it does not go the same for his relationship. 

He fell for the beautiful Swedish beauty Anna Pettersson the first time. They even got married, but this marriage did not last long. The two of them got divorced after the police arrested Anna for DUI. 

After a failed marriage, Nick again fell in love with Sofia Vergara. They even got engaged and were planning for a wedding. However, their busy schedule and the inability to make time for each other came in the way. 

They already had a rocky relationship, and after the Modern family became hit, it just made Sofia busier and less available. It was the last nail to their engagement. The couple called off their wedding in May 2014. Sofia Vergara posted a statement on her social media about their split. 

After Sofia, Nick is dating a European girl and even has a daughter with her.

Career and Businesses

Despite being the heir to not one but two of the biggest businesses owned by his maternal and paternal side of the family, Nick started his career under Mike Nichols as a producer and actor. 

Mike Nichols was working in Universal studio, owned by his uncle. Nick took this opportunity to learn about movies. He produced as well as posed in The Smokers. Later, he also co-produced the documentary The Living Century

After doing a few other movies, Nick moved to Florida to work in the Lehman brothers owned by his maternal side of the family. While working in Florida, he founded a company called Carbon Solutions America. 

He also founded Loeb’s food and the Crunchy Condiment Company. The Crunchy Condiment Company sells onion crush in around 7,000 locations. 

After establishing himself as a successful businessman and an actor, Nick went ahead to try his luck in politics. He ran for the City Commission but lost. 

Then Nick served as the Finance Co-chairman for the Presidential run of Rudy Giuliani. However, he left the campaign in the middle, as his divorce was troubling him. Due to this, Nick had to compensate for the entire program from his pocket. 

Afterward, he got a chance to run for the Senate, but he declined it because of the health issues he suffered from a car accident.


Nick Loeb has not received many awards, but he has received one. He received the CINE Golden Eagle award for his contribution to the documentary The Living Century.


Nick Loeb got raised in New York. His father enrolled him at the Collegiate and Loomis Chaffe school for his schooling. 

Once his high school was over, Nick got into Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He got his bachelor’s degree in management and finance from there. 

Nick also worked beside his father and his maternal family to gain all the skills and requirements needed to run a multi-dollar company. He also worked for Mike Nicholas, from whom he learned about movies and documentaries.


Loeb fell into a great controversy after his split from his ex-fiancee Sofia Vergara. It started when Loeb tried to obtain a baby from a frozen embryo. Nick made the frozen embryo with Sofia when they were together but now was using it without her consent. Sofia was not happy as well as was not ready for it. It got so messy that they were now fighting in case. According to Sofia, she and Loeb had made an official agreement that neither can use the embryo without having consent from the other. However, Nick kept emphasizing that nothing was written in the agreement paper about the conditions if they got separated. So, he should have the right to have a baby by default. However, the court gave the verdict in favor of Sofia. Nick then dropped the case. But, just after dropping the case, he again went to court, but this time in Louisiana. However, the court dismissed it by stating that they can not judge the case as the couple conceived the embryo in California. Sofia accused him of trying to take revenge and break her present marriage.

Quick Wiki and Bio

  • Name:- Nick Loeb
  • Full name:- Nicholas Mears Loeb                          
  • Date of birth:- 1975-08-02
  • Age: 48 years old
  • Place of birth:- Purchase, Harrison, New York City, USA
  • Father:- John Langeloth Loeb Jr.                            
  • Mother:- Meta Martindell Harrsen   
  • Siblings:- One half-sister
  • Sister:- Alexandra Loeb Driscoll 
  • Status:- Single
  • Spouse:- Anna Pettersson ( 1st marriage, divorced )
  • Partner:- Sofia Vergara ( Engagement called off)
  • Children:- One daughter
  • Daughter:- Not disclosed
  • Occupation:- Businessman, Actor, Producer
  • Net worth:- 15 Million USD
  • Nationality:- American 
  • Religion:- Episcopalian
  • Zodiac:- Leo
  • Height:- 6.3 ft (191cm)
  • Weight:- 87 kgs
  • Measurement- Unknown              
  • Hair color:- Black
  • Eye color:- Grey
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Instagram id:- nickloeb
  • Twitter:- NickLoeb