Mahin Wilson (Charlie Wilson’s Wife) Bio

Mahin Wilson, originally Mahin Tat, is the wife of Charlie Wilson, the famous American R&B singer. Despite being the celebrity wife of the American star, she keeps a low profile in the public and leads a modest lifestyle.

Additionally, she is considered to be an introvert with an extremely wise persona. She has been a caring and supportive wife to her celebrity husband.

Mahin Wilson’s Bio, Early Life, Education & Family

Mahin Wilson is of Iranian-American origin. Her actual age is not known however, it is assumed that she might be in her late 50s.

Due to her relatively low profile, her early life, as well as her personal and family information, are well hidden. In addition, the information about her educational credentials has not been revealed.

After the two had met in a drug-related wellness group, Charlie got hitched to Mahin Tat in 1995. 

Charlie’s career went all down and his drug habit worsened bringing him to the street in 1993-1995. One of his cousins took him to a rehab that is 50 miles north of LA. And then she signed him up for the rehabilitation.

He met Mahin there; she was the rehab director. She even rented him a home near Palmdale. The social worker supported him to get clean and since then the two have been together. Mahin has been married to the famous singer for over 25 years and has been living a happy married life.

Mahin has a son named Michael Paran who also helped Charlie to revive his career. Michael worked as The Gap Band’s manager for a couple of years without asking for anything in return. He helped in getting the band’s reputation back and money on their account. Later, he suggested Charlie start his solo career.

Mahin has been nominated for Grammys twice as she wrote so many songs together with her husband. She was nominated for the song “If I Believe” for the Best Gospel Song at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. And, she was also nominated for the song “You Are” for the Best R&B Song at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

Mahin and her husband ‘Uncle Charlie’ currently live in a 20-acre hillside home in Acton.

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Mahin Wilson’s Husband Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson was born in January 1953. He is a popular American rapper. The rapper was born and raised by very spiritual parents in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Since his childhood, his music career has been a part of his life and his entire family has been involved in the industry. He currently lives with his family in Georgia.

The rapper has two brothers, one older and one younger, and from a very tender age, they all would perform in the choir.

Furthermore, he went on to study music at Langston University after completing high school at Booker T in Washington. From a very early age, Charlie began singing and often participated in musical events and school bands. 

Speaking about his music, his professional career was mainly popularized by the gap band he founded with his two brothers for his 43-year stint.

Charlie cites his wife, Mahin, for a large part of his solo success for her support of his musical direction. Ever since 2000, the husband and wife couple have been writing songs together.

In 2010, he went on to do solo productions and solo performances full time after the band retired. He joined up with Michael Paran around 2007 and the two secured a Jive Records record contract.

He went on to release several musical hits and featured Snoop Dogg and Kanye, famous rap artists. During the years, his work was awarded many Grammys.

Charlie has also been active in philanthropic efforts such as cancer awareness and troop sponsorship. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008, thanks to god, it was the early stage. He started the medication and the couple decided to change their lifestyle, food habits, and all the things that would help with the cancer medication.

Mahin Wilson’s Net Worth

Mahin Wilson has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. It is reported that her husband is worth around 15 million dollars. 

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Social Media

Mahin Wilson is not active on any social media.

Mahin’s Overview, Nationality, and Ethnicity

NameMahin Tat
Age50-60 years old
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCharlie Wilson
ChildrenMichael Paran

Uncle Charlie later revealed that his wife Mahin was the reason Kanye West put Rihanna in the song “All of the Lights”. Earlier, Kanye was thinking to feature Charlie in the song.

When the couple and Kanye were together, Mahin told Kanye “Kanye, You know who you ought to put on this record?? Rihanna!”

And Charlie was downgraded to the background vocals. And Charlie joked that he tried talking about that incident while they were driving back home, but Mahin just puts her palm up and says “Don’t even bring it up!”