Alexandra Musk’s (Elon Musk’s Half-Sister) Newly-born Child, Husband, & Other Details

Alexandra Musk is the half-sister of the world’s richest man Elon Musk. She is the daughter of Errol Musk, the father of Elon Musk, and his second wife, Heide Musk. Her parents got divorced after eighteen years of marriage because of the scandal caused by her father.

Like Musk, Alexandra also has an incline towards technology with her interest in the environment. So, she has been working in a technology company which generates electricity from the sunlight with the help of seethrough glasses products.

Biography & Quick Summary

Popular NameAlexandra Musk
Real NameAlexandra Ali Musk
Date of birthAugust 2, 1993
Age30 years old
Place of birthSouth Africa
FatherErrol Musk
MotherHeide Musk
SisterAsha Rose Musk
Half-BrothersElon Musk, Kimbal Musk, Jock 
Benzuidenhout, and Harry Benzuidenhout 
Half-SistersTosca Musk and Jana Bezuidenhout
SpouseGuy Steuart
Net worthUnknown
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair colorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Instagram idali.musk
TwitterAlexandra Musk-Steuart

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Alexandra Musk’s Net Worth and Job

Alexandra has worked in several environment and technology-oriented organizations over the years.

She is still working at a technology company currently. So, it is safe to assume that she has a decent-paying job and a decent net worth, despite not knowing the exact amount.

Alexandra’s Family, Siblings, Parents, and Relations with Elon

Alexandra was born in South Africa to her father Errol Musk and mother, Heiden Musk. 

Her mother was a widow who had lost her previous husband in a car accident when she married her father.

Her mother already had three children from her previous marriage so did her father. Despite this, her parents were living a happy life with each other. They even had her and her little sister, Asha.

Alexandra lived with her family in South Africa before Elon called them to live in Malibu. Her father has invested in the company of her half-brothers, Elon and Kimbal

The company did well. So, as gratitude, Elon offered them to stay with him. Initially, the family moved to Malibu, but later her father decided to move back.

During her stay with her half-Musk siblings, Alexandra grew close to them and their children. She still has a great relationship with her half-siblings and their children to this day.

However, it is not the same with her father. In 2018, her father confessed to her that he had impregnated his half-sister Janna Bezuidenhout.

When her father married her mother, Janna was just a four-year-old kid. But when her father tried to confide in her, Alexandra burst out in anger and even called him a mentally ill person.

It was also Alexandra who told others about it. Ever since then, she has kept her distance from her father.

When her father, Errol, was asked about the incident, he clearly stated that he never saw Janna as his stepdaughter. The incident happened when Janna slept in his place after her boyfriend threw her out of their house.

After the incident, Janna lived with Errol on his property with their son. Despite living together and having a son together, they are not in any relationship.

Because of this incident, the Musk siblings, including Alexandra and Asha, have estranged relationships with their father, and even Heide ended her eighteen years of marriage with him.

Despite her estranged relationship with her father, Alexandra has a close relationship with her mother and siblings. 

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Alexandra Musk’s Husband and Newly-born Child

The 30 year-old has been married to her husband, Guy Steuart since June of 2019.

She met her husband while still in college and dated all these years before tying the knot.

Like Alexandra, her husband is also a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. He also has recently earned a Master’s degree in real estate from Pepperdine University.

Despite all these years of dating and two years into marriage, the couple is still in love with each other. They are also expecting a baby girl to arrive in less than a month.

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Alexandra has not shared much about her early days of school. However, she has shared that she is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder.

She completed college with a degree in environmental science.

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Alexandra started her career as an environmental analyst after graduating from college.

She initially worked for the Guayaki Sustanable Rainforest Products, Inc. before quitting to join the Fundación Aliados. She worked as its nature-based development, fundraising, awareness, and international partnership specialist.

Alexandra worked with Fundación Aliados for eight months and then joined SolarWindows Technologies, Inc. in 2020.

She has been working with SolarWindows Technologies ever since then. She is the Associate Vice President in her company, who looks after the brand and business department.