Maye Musk | Net Worth, Age, Husband, Family, & Career

Maye Musk is the mother of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, the CEO of advanced companies like Tesla, and SpaceX. Besides Elon, Maye also has two more successful children named Kimbal and Tosca.

While her middle son, Kimbal, is a successful entrepreneur and owns The Kitchen Restaurant Group, her youngest daughter, Tosca, is an award-winning executive producer and director.

Besides the accomplishments of her children, Maye is also an established model. Along with a successful modeling career, she is also an educated dietitian who even taught in colleges and an author.

Maye is the perfect example of beauty and brains, who has given birth to three successful and intellectual children. 

Biography, Age, & Wiki Summary

NameMaye Musk (née Haldeman)
Date of birthApril 19, 1948
Age76 years old
Place of birthHair Color
FatherDr. Joshua Norman Haldeman
MotherWinnifred Josephine “Wyn” Fletcher
Brothers and sistersNot disclosed
Ex-spouseErrol Musk
SonsElon Musk and Kimbal Musk
DaughterTosca Musk
GranddaughterLuca Musk, Stella Musk, and
Isabeau Musk
GrandchildrenNevada Musk, Vivian Jenna Wilson, Griffin Musk,
Kai Musk, Saxon Musk, Damian Musk,
Grayson Musk, August Musk, and
X Æ A- Xii Musk 
OccupationModel, Author, and Dietitian
Net worth25 Million USD
NationalityCanadian-South African
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight56 kgs
Hair colorGrey
Eye ColorBlue
Instagram idmayemusk
What is Maye Musk’s Net Worth?

The beautiful model has been working all her life. She was already a model in her home country South Africa, and she continued it even after moving to Canada and the USA.

Besides her modeling gig, Maye also gave lessons in colleges in nutrition. She is also actively working as a dietitian and travels the world giving presentations on it.

Her prime career, along with her side hustles, has allowed her to earn more than enough money and live a happy life.

In 2024, Maye is still a millionaire and has a net worth of 25 million USD.

Height and Physical Measurements

Even at the age of 76, Maye has the body of the Greek goddess.

She stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches and has a great, maintained body that weighs only 56 kg.

To this day, Maye has not maintained her figure and has held onto her charms.

Personal Life and Family

Maye was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, to her parents Joshua and Winnifred. While her father, Joshua, was a chiropractor and an amateur archeologist, her mother was a homemaker.

Despite being born in Canada, she was raised in South Africa, along with her twin and three other siblings.

Growing up, Maye had a fun childhood. Her father used to take her and the rest of the family on world tours in his prop plane. She occasionally traveled for more than ten years and even visited the Kalahari desert, where her father worked on a project to search for the lost city of Kalahari.

Despite traveling a lot, she spent most of her life in South Africa and even raised her three children there. 

She named her first son Elon after her grandfather John Elon Haldeman and now everyone knows the name Elon.

Her son Elon is the richest man in the world and runs multiple billion-dollar companies. He is the CEO and founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company.

While the eldest son of Maye is a billionaire, other children are also successful in their fields.

Her middle son, Kimbal, is also a millionaire and runs The Kitchen Restaurant Group. He is also the co-founder and chairman of the nonprofit organization Big Green. 

While her sons are at the peak of their careers, her daughter, Tosca, is also successful in her career. She works as a producer and director and has worked in many feature films, TV shows, and web shows.

Despite her divorce from her husband, Maye is still close with all three of her children and her eleven grandchildren. She originally had twelve grandchildren, but the eldest son of Elon Musk, Nevada, died at ten weeks, and now she has only eleven.

She adores her grandchildren and even spends a lot of time with them. She also babysits her grandchildren when her children have to work and can’t find anyone to babysit.

Currently, Maye is living her best life surrounded by her children and her grandchildren.

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Maye Musk’s Husband and Relationship

Maye was married to Errol Musk, an engineer, in 1970. She met him in high school and was a high school sweetheart.

The couple were happy together and even had three children between them. However, things started to fall apart, and the two got divorced in 1979.

While her former husband married his second wife, Heide-Mari Bezuidenhout, after the divorce and has two children with her, Maye is still happily single.

Initially, Maye took care of her children in South Africa, but her eldest son moved to Canada to be with his father. After four years of this, her middle son also moved to Canada to be with his brother.

Since she and her daughter were the only ones in South Africa, they also moved to Canada.

Despite her children living with their father, they still have a close bond with Maye. 


Maye is a stunning model who has an impressive academic background.

She did her schooling at the local schools in South Africa. When she completed high school, she joined an Afrikaans university where she studied dietetics.

She initially wanted to study biology, microbiology, and biochemistry, but her father talked her into studying dietetics.

After getting a bachelor’s degree, she joined the University of Orange Free State to get her Master’s degree in dietetics.

She already had a Master’s degree that she earned while she was in South Africa. However, she again enrolled at the University of Toronto in Canada to get another Master’s degree in nutritional science.


Maye started her career as a model after participating in the South African Beauty pageant and reaching the final round.

Soon she started working as a model. But it wasn’t enough to raise her three children so, Maye took classes in college where she taught nutrition.

While juggling two careers, her modeling career took off after moving to Canada to be with her sons.

She soon started getting modeling gigs in both Canada and the USA. She became the face of Special K cereal and did many ad campaigns for brands like Virgin America, Target, etc.

She even did a nude photoshoot for the health issue of Time magazine and was part of one of its videos of Beyonce.

During her early career, she was an exception for being a plus-size model among all the thin models. She was already a rebel, and she again made history in 2017 for being the oldest spokesmodel for CoverGirl.

Maye has been modeling for more than fifty years. The New York Times also announced her as a star in her own right.

Despite her success as a model, she has also been working as a dietitian. She travels the world as a dietitian and holds seminars to educate people about nutrition and other related stuff.

Maye has an extraordinary personality and is a beauty with the brain. Aside from working as a model and dietitian, she also writes books.

She is the author of the book A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success, which got pretty good reviews from the readers.

Like her children, Maye is also full of talents and has a great successful career of her own.

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