Robert Misner’s Net Worth, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, & Family

Robert Misner is the social media famed Australian blogger also known as “Bobby”. Moreover, he is the son of billionaire businessman Tom Misner, CEO of SAE Institution.

Robert Misner’s Age, Bio, Family, & Education

Robert Misner was born on 6th May, 1995 in Australia. His current age as of 2024 is 29 years old. 

However, it is most certain that he grew up in a very talented and wealthy family in Sydney, Australia. He was born to father Tom Misner and mom Janet Misner, and has a sister named Yasmin Misner. 

The additional details regarding his mother and sister are kept concealed while Tom Misner, his father and role model, founded the company famously known as SAE Institute in 1976 as a businessman, sound engineer, and record producer. In his childhood, Robert moved about and traveled a lot with his parents because of his parents’ foreign work.

As regards to his education, Robert started middle school in Munich, Germany, when he was 13 years old, before moving to London to finish his high school education at a boarding school.

Robert motivated himself to work hard and follow strict guidelines on his own, gaining freedom and discipline. Having lived in a variety of countries gave Robert a better understanding of various cultures and left him with a free and creative mind.

Moreover, he enjoys going to the gym, golf, skiing, helicopter piloting, and making creative images and videos for his Instagram page in his spare time. In addition to this, he stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs roughly around 80 kgs. He has a slim build with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Robert Misner’s Girlfriend, Wife, Personal Life & Relationships

Talking about his personal life, Robert has not revealed much about his romantic relationships. Opting to keep his private matters concealed, he has not mentioned past relationships, as well as current girlfriend. That being said, Robert has admitted that he once married a stranger during a weekend of private jets, sushi, and champagne while filming his opulent lifestyle. Additional information regarding his wife is not known.

Robert Misner Net Worth

The exact details about the net worth of Robert Misner has not been disclosed however considering his wealthy family background and astounding ancestral properties, his net value is estimated to be in hundreds of millions. Moreover, his father Tom Misner has a net worth of $900 million, real estate business being  the majority of his income. In addition, Tom is the heir to his father Bobby Misner’s billion-dollar fortune.

Career as an Actor & Youtuber

Having received valuable advice from his father, Robert discovered his true passion for acting and credits his worldly upbringing as inspiration for his decision to pursue a career as an actor. As a child or teenager, Robert was never fully prepared to become a professional actor. Nevertheless, he devoted himself to projects that would benefit the lives of others.

Besides, Robert started exploring an acting career after combining his charming personality with his skill to be the center of attention and deliver a fantastic story. Soon after, he enrolled at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom for an acting course.

Furthermore, Robert relocated to Los Angeles in 2017 in order to further his career in this area. Phillip Lopez, who has directed several music videos for famous  celebrities including Selena Gomez, Kygo, Avicii, and Rita Ora, has cast Robert as the lead in a new short film titled “Us”.

Besides, he is mostly known as Bobby and uses Robert in official works only. In addition to this, he is a youtube vlogger who posts contents relating to the life of a billionaire’s heir such as yacht, house, vacations, etc. In 2018, his video titled “LIFE of a BILLIONAIRE’S SON” went viral in several social media accounts giving him enormous fame and placing him as the social media influencer.