Interesting Life of Whistlindiesel (Wife, Net Worth, & Bio)

Whistlindiesel Personal Life and Family

Whistlindiesel was born in the rural parts of Indiana, USA. His family was in farming, construction, and automobile business. 

Because of his family, he came to gain extraordinary knowledge and skills about trucks and other vehicles. He later used this to build himself a great fanbase on YouTube. Besides this, Whistlindiesel has been keeping his personal life private. 

Recently, he was gathering headlines for being in an accident. While he was testing a gun by firing it on a steel plate somehow, the bullet bounced back and hit his head. However, the impact decreased because of the steel plate. So, when the bullet hit him, he survived.

Whistlindiesel Wife and Relationships

The 25 years old YouTuber seems to enjoy keeping his private life away from the public eye. 

However, he has been open about his married status. He is married to another automobile admirer YouTuber, who identifies herself as Mrs. Whistlin. 

She was also in one of his videos, which was taken down later. In the video, she destroys a $100K truck with a crowbar. Besides this, Whistlindiesel has kept her name or anything else about their marriage private.


Whistlindiesel belongs to a family working in the automobile business. So, he already knew an extraordinary deal when it came to trucks and other vehicles. 

After graduation, he decided to showcase his knowledge to the world by joining YouTube in Jan 2015. He started uploading videos where he attempts dangerous tricks on monster trucks and other vehicles. 

In his videos, he buys expensive automobiles and destroys them. His unshattered bravery and courage grabbed the attention of many viewers and made his content unique from other content on YouTube. 

His video titled ’ Four wheelers on reaper wheels literally tills dirt’ went viral, where he attaches sharp reapers on a four-wheeler. This video has more than 13M views on YouTube. 

The next video of him that went viral was titled ‘Monstermax drives in the ocean (police, coast guard, EPA, DNR called)’. This video got more than 17M views. 

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Whistlindiesel Net Worth and Earnings

Whistlindiesel has an estimated net worth of US $ 1.8M. He earns from his YouTube videos, collaboration, and brand promotions.

He has been uploading more videos on this YouTube channel, which has become his prime source of income. Besides his contents being distinctive, Whistlindiesel also presents content without any clickbait. It makes him respected by his subscribers and has allowed him to have 2.45M subscribers on YouTube. 

Aside from uploading videos on his YouTube channel, Whistlindiesel also sells merchandise on Bunker Branding Co. It includes hoodies, t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, etc. It also consists of one specific Whistlindiesel black plain T-shirt with the writing ‘the shirt cost one thousand dollars ‘. This T-shirt costs $1000. He earns from selling his merchandise too.


Not much is known about Whistlindiesel’s educational background except that he is a high school graduate.

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The daring and unique character of Whistlindiesel has grabbed a lot of attention and has earned him many applauds. 

But there are others too, who find the things he does reckless and a waste of money. Because of this, there are two groups of viewers. One group applauds him, and the other hates his recklessness. 

Besides this, Whistlindiesel has also been in several other controversies. He has beefed with fellow automobile admirer and YouTuber James Lucas Condon (TheStradman). 

The feud started when Whistlindiesel jokingly made fun of James for liking purple wrapping on his vehicles. In reply to this, James made a statement against Whistlindiesel. It made fans supporting Whistlindiesel so angry that they started backlashing James and even went to threaten him with the life of his dog. To block this negativity, he even made his Instagram private. 

Besides this feud, there are even other controversies around Whistindiesel. Once, he was involved with Fort Wayne police for organizing an unauthorized truck rally in Fort Wayne. 

He also had to face backlash from people when he uploaded a video of him destroying a Ford f-350. People thought it was wrong and even started putting on unpleasant opinions on Reddit. Half of the net loves him, while the other half have a difficult time liking him.

Quick Bio

  • Name:- Whistlindiesel
  • Real name:- Cody Detwiler
  • Date of birth:- 1998-07-18 
  • Age:- 25 years old 
  • Place of birth:- Alberta, Canadian Province
  • Father:- Not disclosed
  • Mother:- Not disclosed
  • Siblings:- Not disclosed
  • Spouse:- Name not disclosed but identify herself as Mrs. Whistlin
  • Occupation:- YouTuber
  • Net worth:- US $ 1.8M
  • Nationality:- American
  • Religion:- Unknown
  • Zodiac:- Cancer
  • Height:- Unknown
  • Weight:- Unknown
  • Measurement:- Unknown
  • Hair color:- Brown
  • Eye color:- Hazel
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Facebook id:- whistlindieselofficial
  • Youtube:- Whistlindiesel
  • Instagram id:- whistlindiesel
  • Twitter:- whistlindiesel