Who is this Brazillian-American Singer Violet Orlandi?

Violet Orlandi is a rock singer, songwriter, producer, and YouTuber. The Brazillian-American musician has gained a lot of attention through her YouTube channel.

Family, Parents, and Personal Life

Orlandi was born and raised in Brazil. She later traveled to Canada and London for her studies and returned to her own home country after spending five years in London. 

Orlandi mentions in one of her videos that her real name is Violetta and even shares how she used to tell everyone that her name is Pokahuntus as a child. 

Orlandi talks about being lucky to have a family and close friends but has not shared much about their identity. She talks about her mother and how it was her mother who pushed her into the music. 

Orlandi gives all the credits for her success to her mom. Her mom was the one who introduced her to music and made sure she had perfect references by playing songs of Michael Jackson, Beatles, and Steve Wonder. Her mother used to dance with her in their living room, and they used to enjoy music together. 

Unfortunately, her mother passed away in 2019. Orlandi fell into depression after four months of the passing of her mother. The fact that her mother would not be around anymore broke her. This phase was difficult for her as she was bedridden and constantly battling with suicidal thoughts. 

In one of her videos, she talks about how she could not control her body or mind. But, she somehow managed to indulge herself in therapies. She also started doing exercise in the gym and meditation to get back to her normal state. It helped her to cope with her depression. 

Besides battling depression, she also suffers from Telecine and has to take medication throughout her life. But, with all the help she is getting, her life is still in a better state. 

Orlandi has been living a dream life now, with thousands of people supporting her. She has covered many songs and posted them on her Youtube channel with 934K subscribers. 

Though being a Brazilian, Orlandi sings songs in English, and her English accent is nearly perfect. When asked, Orlandi credits her accent to her watching lots of movies. She also shared that her time in Canada and London gave her a thick English accent. 

She has never sung in Portuguese, even though it’s her native language and somehow feels like it would be weird if she sang in Portuguese as she has been singing in English since her childhood.

Violet Orlandi Boyfriend and Relationships

Not much is out when it comes to Orlandi’s love life. She has kept it private along with her other personal life. 

However, when asked about her first relationship, she shared that her first relationship was with her best friend who used to be the guitarist in her first band. Though they didn’t last, they are still good friends to this date. 

She also shares in one of her videos she does mention that her boyfriend is studying economics to be a politician.

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Violet Orlandi Net Worth

Her net worth adds up to be around 500K USD, with a monthly income of more than 8K USD.

Orlandi gets her prime portion of the income from the cover videos on YouTube. Royalties from her songs add more to her bank. Besides these, she also earns by producing music for movies. 


Orlandi has established herself as a successful singer as well as producer. She remembers how she knew how to sing even before how to talk. 

She grew up listening to great singers like Michael Jackson and others with her mother. She took private singing lessons ever since she was eleven and then went to get her bachelor’s degree in songwriting. She even took guitar classes during her teens. 

She used to hate pop music until she was fifteen as she grew up listening to the classics and country songs. But as she grew up she started appreciating every other genre. Because of her mother’s influence and her own love for music she joined many bands and did many singing-related projects. 

Finally, she joined YouTube in Feb 2012 and started uploading covers. Initially, she didn’t get much support but it started to grow big when she uploaded more and more videos. She is famous for singing covers of heavy metal songs on her YouTube. She has many viral covers on her channel. 

Besides these, she has even produced music for movies and for herself too. Her first original song was High priest daughter. After that, she has released tons of other original songs too.

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Orlandi was interested in music from her childhood, and her mother always encouraged her to have musical abilities. So, Orlandi got enrolled in a school with an art background. 

Though she was an emo bookworm who was into metal and rock music-loving kid in school, no one ever bullied her. For this, Orlandi always thinks very highly of her school. She studied up to high school in Brazil. 

Once done with high school, Orlandi wanted to travel to a new place. So, she applied for a program in London, United Kingdom. She went to International College Portsmouth and got her songwriting bachelor’s degree in songwriting.

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Likes and dislikes

Orlandi might be a YouTube star but she is as normal as any one of us when it comes to coffee and pizza. She talks about how she can’t live without coffee and also mentions that tuna is her favorite topping on a pizza. However, she has her own peculiar tastes too. 

She doesn’t like to wear lipstick or shorts. She also hates the beach and sunbathing. She finds the sand sticking to the body disgusting. However, she likes thunderstorms. She has mentioned in one of her videos how she used to turn off the lights so that the lightning during thunderstorms could light up the room. 

Orlando also shares in the same video that she has arachnophobia. She also talks about how she loved shreds of colorful glasses and collected them when she was a kid. Besides these, she loves interacting with her fans.

Quick Bio

  • Known as:- Violet Orlandi
  • Real name:- Violetta Orlandi                        
  • Date of birth:- 1995-02-17
  • Age:- 29 years old
  • Place of birth:- Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Father:- Not disclosed                      
  • Mother:- Not disclosed                   
  • Siblings:- Not disclosed
  • Status:- In a relationship
  • Partner:- Not disclosed
  • Occupation:- Rock singer, songwriter, producer, YouTuber
  • Net worth:- 500K USD
  • Nationality:- Brazilian
  • Religion:- Unknown
  • Zodiac:- Aquarius
  • Height:- 5.2 ft (160cm)
  • Weight:- unknown
  • Measurement- Unknown              
  • Hair color:- Black
  • Eye color:- Black
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Youtube:- Violet Orlandi
  • Instagram id:- violet_Orlandi
  • Twitter:- VioletOrlandi