Who is Speed’s Girlfriend? More on His Net Worth & Family

Darren Watkins, who goes by IShowSpeed or Speed, is a young American Youtuber best known for live-streaming games on different online platforms. He started uploading gaming videos on his YouTube channel in 2016 but gained popularity during the lockdown.

Speed is famous among the gaming community for his lives and gameplays. However, he is also well-known for his relationships. The 19 year-old YouTuber is open about his relationships and readily introduces his girlfriends to his audience by making them part of his content. Despite being just a teenager, he has dated several girls.

Speed’s Dating and Relationship Details

Who is Speed’s girlfriend?

Speed is currently dating a TikToker named xkiarahh1 from Birmingham, UK.

Despite being in his late teen, Speed has dated his fair share of girls.

IShowSpeed or Speed dated many girls. Among them is a girl named Ermony Renee (Dream). She was quite popular among his fans. Speed also dated another YouTuber named Jessica.

He was initially in a serious relationship with a girl in his hometown, to whom he was even engaged.

Speed was in love and supported her, but they parted ways after she cheated on him with someone else.

After getting his heart broken, Speed started dating fellow YouTuber Tee Tee.

The two even appeared in many of his lives, but unfortunately, the relationship could not last.

When Speed ended things with Tee Tee, he started dating another girl named Ermony Renee, who goes by “Dream“.

The YouTuber even proposed to Dream while he was in a live session, to which Dream agreed, and they started dating.

Things were going great, but things turned sour after his mother told Dream about him being unfaithful during one of his lives.

Dream dumped Speed after knowing he was cheating on her, and once again, he became single.

Fans thought it was the end of his dating life, but he shocked everyone after he started dating another YouTuber, Jessica.

Though Jessica, also called Jess, was a supportive girlfriend, Speed was not faithful to her, so the two broke up.

The two reconciled a few months after breaking up but decided to end things again for good.

Speed also dated Avabarbie for a short period of time. Avabarbie, who goes by the name Stackinbarbie on Tiktok, cheated on him and the couple ended their relationship.

Speed was dating a TikToker named xkiarahh1 from Birmingham, UK. Although she looks like a minor, Speed has clearly stated that she is 18+ in one of his videos where he facetimed xkiarahh1.

Speed first met her in Omegle and things started from there.

Speed might be single at the moment as we can not see any females in his live sessions and vlogs.

Quick Bio

Popular NameIShowSpeed, Speed, Speedy
Real NameDarren Watkins
Date of birthJanuary 21, 2005
Age19 years old
Place of birthOhio, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
Ex-girlfriendsTee Tee
Ermony Renee (Dream)
DaughtersNot disclosed
Net Worth400 Thousand USD
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight65 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idIShowSpeed
Speed Boykins
Live Speedy

Speed’s Net Worth and YouTube Earnings

Speed is one of the popular YouTubers within the gaming community and has tons of subscribers on all three of his YouTube channels and even on his Twitch account.

Because of his popularity, he has earned a decent amount of money and has around 400 thousand USD as his net worth.

Although unverified, a few reports suggest that he earns somewhere around $150,000 – $200,000 USD per year.

Personal Life, Parents, Siblings, Daughter, and Family

The YouTuber is very secretive about the identities of his family and has yet to share details about it.

Speed sometimes makes videos with his dad by his side and sometimes you can hear his mom talking in the background in his videos. It also seems like he has a brother who was featured in one of his videos.

Sometimes we can see his mother and daughter in his videos, but even their identity is a secret.

Because of this, not much information is out about his personal life.


Speed is currently in his Sophomore year of high school and will take some time to graduate.

Though he has not completed high school, he has already planned not to attend college.

He believes college requires a lot of time, but he wants to focus on his YouTube career.


Speed has built a career as a YouTuber for himself.

He started his YouTube channel named IShowSpeed in 2016, and now it has around 11.4 million subscribers,

Because of his success with his first channel, he also started two other channels in 2021.

He started uploading content on his second YouTube channel, Live Speedy, in June 2021, which has around 3.02 million subscribers.

Besides these two channels, he also has a third channel named Speedy Boykins, which he started in April 2021 and has 745 thousand subscribers.

Speed has earned success in both his YouTube channel and Twitch account.