Preston Bezos (Jeff Bezos’ Son) | Bio, Age, Mom, Career

Preston Bezos is the eldest son out of four children of the world’s second-richest man, Jeff Bezos. His father, Jeff, is the founder and former CEO of Amazon, a multinational technology company, while his mother is a renowned author and philanthropist.

Preston’s father, Jeff, and his mother, MacKenzie, started the company together. While his father looked after the front of the company, his mother took care of all other vital aspects of the company. She took care of writing cheques, maintaining books, and managing contracts.

Despite starting Amazon as an online bookstore and turning it into a world-leading e-commerce site together, the couple divorced in 2019 because of an extramarital affair of Jeff.

Biography Summary (Age, Birthday, Height, College, etc.)

Popular NamePreston Bezos
Real NamePreston Bezos
Date of birthMarch, 2000
Age24 years old
Place of birthUSA
HometownSeattle, Washington, USA
FatherJeffry Preston Bezos
MotherMacKenzie Scott
Brother (s)Not disclosed
SisterNot disclosed
GrandparentsMiguel Bezos and Jacklyn Bezos
UncleMark Bezos
AuntChristina Bezos
OccupationCelebrity kid
Net worthUnknown
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight73 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Preston Bezos’ Net Worth

Preston is the eldest son of the second richest man, Jeff Bezos, and his former wife, one of the wealthiest women in the USA.

His father has around 132.8 billion USD, while his mother is also a billionaire with 37.6 billion USD.

So, despite not knowing the exact amount of his net worth, we can still assume that Preston will still have billions of USD to his name even if the inheritance of his parents gets divided into four equal parts.

Parents, Siblings, and Family

Preston was born in the USA to his billionaire parents, Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott. He is the eldest son of the former couple and has two younger brothers.

Besides his brothers, he also has an adoptive sister, whom his parents adopted from China.

For privacy concerns, Preston is the only one whose name is out in the media, while the name of his younger siblings is still a secret.

While the personal life of Preston and his siblings is private, it is not the case for his parents.

His parents met each other when both of them were working in Manhattan for D.E. Shaw. The two dated for a year before turning into husband and wife in 1993.

After they got married, they left their job at the Shaw and moved to Seattle to start their online bookstore.

They started their bookstore in a rented garage and named it Cadabra but later changed it to Amazon after the river.

While Jeff took the front of the store as its CEO, MacKenzie worked behind the scenes to deal with cheques and contracts.

The former couple became a millionaire in 1997 after the IPO of their company raised 54 million USD. The millionaire then became a billionaire in 1999.

The former couple was doing great and even added more features to their online bookstore to make it one of the leading e-commerce sites.

However, things turned upside down when Jeff started an extramarital affair with the news journalist, Lauren Sánchez.

The former couple was already separated when the intimate texts of Jeff to Lauren became viral.

Finally, the former power couple decided to end their relationship legally and got a divorce in 2019.

Despite the divorce, they maintained a healthy relationship with their children and shared 50-50 custody.

Currently, Jeff is working as the founder and executive of Amzaon and is dating his girlfriend, Lauren. 

Meanwhile, MacKenzie is busy with her books and philanthropist works and has married Dan Jewett, a high school chemistry teacher.

Despite Jeff and MacKenzie starting their new life, they are still close to their four children, including Preston.

Preston’s Girlfriend and Relationship

Preston has kept his personal life and love life away from the media due to privacy concerns.

Preston with one of his friends Photo @skyewcalifornia/Twitter

Because of this, no one knows anything about his sexuality or the people he is dating.


Not much detail is out about the early educational background of the eldest son of the billionaires.

He is pursuing his college degree at Princeton, where both of his parents studied as young adults.


Currently, no information is out about Preston’s career or field of interest.

But, if rumors are true, he is also a genius like his father and is pursuing a career in business and entrepreneurship.

A few Facts

  1. He attended the 2020 Oscars with his dad Jeff.
  2. He also attended the American Portrait Gala with his father.
  3. He was seen with Jeff and Jeff’s girlfriend Lauren Sanchez at Nobu restaurant.
  4. He is seen frequently in LA with his siblings.