How Much is Karen Kempner (Mark Zuckerberg’s Mom) Worth? Her Husband & Biography

Karen Kempner is the mother of the youngest billionaire and co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. She took the surname of her husband after marriage and became a Zuckerberg. 

Karen came to the limelight after Mark introduced Facebook to the world from his dorm in Harvard. Besides being the mother of Mark, Karen is also a licensed psychiatrist who got her degree from the New York Medical School. 

Biography Summary

Popular NameKaren Zuckerberg
Maiden NameKaren Kempner
Date of birthDecember 1, 1963
Age68 years old
Place of birthUnknown
FatherSidney G. Kempner
MotherNot disclosed
SpouseEdward Zuckerberg
SonsMark Zuckerberg
DaughterRandi Zuckerberg, 
Donna Zuckerberg and
Arielle Zuckerberg
Net worth200 Million USD
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idKaren Zuckerberg
FacebookKaren Zuckerberg

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Karen Kempner Net Worth

Karen is the mother of the billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, who has a net worth of 132.5 Billion USD. So, it is a no-brainer that she has a hefty sum as her net worth.

Besides the accomplishments of her son, she is also a licensed psychiatrist. She worked as the office manager for her husband while the kids were small. 

When the kids grew up, she resumed her work as a psychiatrist and earned more than enough.

Karen Kempner’s Family, Children, and Grandchildren

Karen has not shared anything about her side of the family, so there is not much information about them.

However, Karen and her husband have shared about their life after their marriage and with the kids.

She met her husband while still studying in college and got married after nine years of dating.

After marriage, she and her husband bought an apartment in White Plains before purchasing a property in Dobbs Ferry.

When the house in Dobbs Ferry got remodeled, they moved there and had four of their children together.

Karen had a daughter at the beginning whom they named Randi. Randi was followed by Mark and, then came two more girls, Donna and Arielle.

After the birth of her children, Karen took a break from her career to look after them. While raising her children, she also worked as the office manager for her husband.

While raising the children, the psychiatrist and her husband were determined to raise their kids in an open-minded environment and provide them enough support for their talents.

Her method of upbringing worked well as all of her children turned out into successful individuals.

While her only son became a billionaire at twenty-three, her daughters also paved their path. Her eldest daughter, Randi, owns her own company and has worked even for the United Nations.

Likewise, her middle daughter, Donna, is also a Ph.D. graduate, and her youngest daughter, Arielle, is also a partner in one of the established companies.

Currently, Karen is enjoying a lot of quality time with her children and grandchildren.

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Karen Kempner Husband

Karen has been happily married to her husband, Edward Zuckerberg, for forty-two years.

She met Edward in 1970 on a blind date when she was still a student in university. The two hit instantly after their date and started dating officially.

They dated for nine years before turning into husband and wife in 1979.

Like Karen, her husband is also medical personnel who works as a dentist. Her husband is a well-renowned dentist of Dobbs Ferry, who goes by the name Painless Dr. Z.

Education and High School

Karen completed her high school studies at Bronx High School of Science.

After high school, she then went to Brooklyn College for her undergraduate.

Once she received her undergraduate degree, she joined New York Medical College, where she pursued psychiatry.

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Career – What Does She Do?

Karen started her career as a licensed psychiatrist after graduating from New York Medical College.

However, after she gave birth to her kids, she took a break from her career to look after them.

While she was still raising her kids, she worked as an office manager at Edward J. Zuckerberg, D.D.S. for her husband.

She worked for her husband until her kids were all grown up. Once the kids were big enough to take care of themselves, she returned to being a psychiatrist.