Katherine Berkery Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Personal life, and Relationship with Tom Jones

Katherine Berkery is a former model who came into the limelight in the 80s because of her three-day fling with the OBE holder singer Sir Thomas Jones Woodward, popularly known as Tom Jones. Jones is one of the established Welsh singers who had many incredible songs to his name. He even was the coach in The Voice UK for four seasons.

Despite having a wife, Jones was known for his extramarital affairs. He even confessed that he had intimate relations with more than 250 people in a single year.

Out of his scandals, the one with Berkery turned out to be the messiest as she got pregnant with his illegitimate son, Jonathan Berkery.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameKatherine Berkery
Real NameKatherine Berkery
Date of birth1963
Age61 years old
Place of birthKorea
SpouseNot disclosed
SonJonathan Berkery
OccupationFormer model and real estate agent
Net worthUnknown
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown

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Katherine Berkery’s Net Worth

Katherine was struggling to be an actress when she first came to the limelight. 

Even after coming into the limelight, she had a hard time earning her livelihood. 

She received around 50,000 pounds as the court settlement and an additional 1700 pounds monthly as child support till her son reached eighteen.

Despite the money she received, it was not enough for a long-term future. So, she did many odd jobs before landing a real estate job.

Looking at her history, she might not have a lot of money as her net worth.

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Katherine’s Personal Life And Family

Katherine was born in Korea to her Korean parents, but they abandoned her when she was eight-year-old.

After her parents abandoned her, she got adopted by a wealthy couple living in New Jersey in the USA.

She flew to the USA with her adoptive parents and grew up dreaming about becoming a model.

She was still struggling to become a model when she met the renowned singer Tom Jones on 29th October 1987. It was when her life started getting downhill.

She was working as a manager at a restaurant when she met Jones. Jones then invited her to one of his shows.

Katherine agreed to his invitation and went to his show. After the show, they had dinner, and Jones took her to the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Manhattan, where he was staying.

Jones and Katherine had their share of fun for three days before going their separate ways.

It was only after three months that Katherine found out that she was pregnant. As soon as she found out she was carrying a child, she called Jones, but he did not answer.

Despite her multiple calls, she could not reach Jones, so she called his office, where they told her to deal with it on her own as it was part of showbiz.

At that time, Jones was completely open about his infidelities even though he was married to his high school sweetheart, Linda Trenchard, and had a son, Mark, with her.

However, he was not ready to accept that Katherine was carrying his child. He even accused her of seducing her. So, Katherine decided to take legal action against Jones and took him to court.

Legal Battle and Paternity Test

After a long and messy legal battle, the court concluded that Jones was indeed the father after taking a DNA test (99.76 %) from his blood and tissues in 1988.

The Manhattan Family Court’s Judge Judith B. Sheindlin looked after the case. Katherine’s attorney Felder stated that Jones was obliged to pay $200 weekly for the child’s maintenance. During the court battle, Felder revealed that Berkery was crying and telling the baby ‘Now you have a father.’, and that showed how hurt she was emotionally.

The attorney of Jones had tried to present Berkery as a prostitute to win the court battle. And Jones kept on telling that Berkery had seduced him: “I was tricked, really. I just fell for it”.

Birth of Jonathan Berkery and His Life

Jonathan was born on June 27, 1988.

In 2008, Jones finally acknowledged that he was the father of Jonathan but did not try to reach out to him.

While Jones kept his distance from his illegitimate son, his son kept trying to reach out to him as he wanted to spend time with his father.

Jonathan initially did not know about Jones as his mother had told her that his father was busy with his work. He only came to know about him when he was ten.

He was a bright and academically talented young man with a bright future. But his estranged relationship with his father ruined him.

He was not able to cope with everything, so he went off the track. He left school when he was just a teen and started hanging with the wrong people. One thing led to another, and he became a drug addict. He even worked as a gun-carrying dealer.

Katherine then brought her son home (after Jon loses his driving license in 2013) and encouraged him to pursue singing, but it did not work out.

With the downfall of his career, he even lost his job and apartment and became homeless. 

He now lives in a homeless shelter in New Jersey and sings on the streets to earn his living. Though his father has not shown any interest in him, Jonathan still hopes someday his father will open his heart to him.

While Jonathan still waits for his father, Katherine has moved on with her life and has started a new family.

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Katherine Husband and Relationships

Nothing is out about her previous relationships except her short-time romance with Tom Jones.

Despite giving birth to his son, she never had a healthy relationship with Jones. She even had to go through courts and paternity tests to prove that Jones was the father of her son. After the case was over, Katherine took the child support and started her new family. 

She then married another man and settled with him. The couple initially lived in North Carolina before moving to Arizona.

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Katherina has not shared anything about her educational background, so no one knows about her academic qualification.


Katherine started her career as an aspiring model. Howverece, things were hard for her, so she did many jobs to earn her living.

She worked in Regine’s Nightclub as a shipping clerk before quitting to work at a restaurant as a manager. 

She came into the limelight for a while because of her association with Tom Jones. But once things got sorted out with Jones, Katherine kept herself away from the public.

After winning the case against Jones, Katherine went back to doing other jobs. 

She then finally landed a job in the real estate industry and became a real estate agent.

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Appearance in Short Film: ‘Picture Perfect’

Katherine appeared in the short film: ‘Picture Perfect’ in 2006 as a club girl. Directed by Brett Meyer, the film talked about the high expectations put on women in American society.