American Television Writer Linda Gottlieb – Net Worth, Husband, & Bio

Linda Gottlieb is a movie producer in Hollywood who is best known for the movie Dirty Dancing. She was the person who listened to the idea of Eleanor Bergstein to make the movie Dirty Dancing and persuaded Vestron Pictures to invest in the project.

If she hadn’t ensured Vestron that it could earn 5 Million USD as conditioned by them, the movie would never have happened.

Besides the hit movie, Gottlieb has also produced many projects. She is also known for producing episodes of shows on ABC and NBC. She is one of the top producers of Hollywood and has even earned many nominations in the Emmy Awards.


Popular NameLinda Gottlieb
Real NameLinda Gottlieb
Date of birthUnknown
Place of birthNew Jersey, USA
FatherMilton Salzman
MotherEdna Salzman
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseRobert Louis Tessler
OccupationProducer and Professor
Net worth17 Million USD
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue

Linda Gottlieb’s Net Worth

Gottlieb had a decent career as a producer even before the release of Dirty Dancing and was earning a decent amount. 

However, after the release of Dirty Dancing, it hit the jackpot. Gottlieb, along with other people associated with it, earned a great fortune from it.

Besides the movie, she also worked on other projects as a producer. It just raised her already existing fortune.

She also has been working as an adjunct professor. In 2019, all her incomes added up to make her net worth 248 Million USD.

Her Personal Life, Parents, and Family

Gottlieb has not shared much about her parents or her siblings. So, no one knows much about her personal life except that she is a native of New Jersey and her parents are Milton and Edna Salzman.

Who is Her Husband?

The producer of Dirty Dancing was married twice. Though nothing much is out about her first marriage or her first husband, it ended in divorce.

In her second marriage, she married one of the partners of Toberoff Tessler & Schochet, Robert Louis Tessler. The couple got married in New York on the 6th of October 1991.


Gottlieb is not only a skillful producer but also a qualified one.

She went to Wellesley College in Massachusetts for her bachelor’s degree. 

After she graduated from here, she enrolled in Columbia, an Ivy League university, to pursue her Master’s degree in history.


Gottlieb had a decent career from the beginning. She was the East Coast producer for MGM Company and had many other movies and TV shows episodes in her name.

She worked for MGM before quitting to co-write the book When Smart People Fail with Carole Hyatt.

While all this was going on, she met Eleanor Bergstein for lunch, who pitched her the idea for Dirty Dancing.

The idea of shooting a movie on dirty dancing was exciting enough for her, and she was even sure that the title itself would be worth millions.

She started pitching the idea to the people who could invest in the movie.

Initially, the idea was rejected, and even though her company MGM agreed to finance it, they backed off. So, she went to Vestron Pictures, who were going to start making their movies.

Vestron agreed to invest in the project, but on the condition that the movie should earn at least 5 Million USD. 

When the movie was released, the hunch that Gottlieb had for it came true. It was a hit and earned 214.6 M USD.

The movie became a highlight of the lives of everyone who was associated with the project.

After the success of Dirty Dancing, Gottlieb continued working as a producer. She was already credited for movies like Summer of My German Soldier, and The Electric Grandmother. She added more works like The Gentleman Bandit, Citizen Cohn, etc., to the list.

She is also the producer of many episodes of  NBC Special Treats, ABC Weekend Specials, etc.

For her contributions, she has received the Spirit Away Peabody Award and many nominations for Emmy Awards. 

Besides working in the movie industry, Gottlieb is also active as an adjunct professor for the Tisch School of Arts.