What is Edward Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad) Doing Now? His Net Worth & Biography

Edward Zuckerberg is the beloved Painless Dr. Z of the Dobbs Ferry who came into the limelight because of his billionaire son, Mark Zuckerberg. Edward is the proud father of the co-founder of Facebook, who became a billionaire at the very young age of twenty-three.

Despite the world knowing Edward because of his son Mark Zuckerberg, he still is a humble dentist in his hometown. As much as Mark is skilled in coding and entrepreneurship, his father is also an ace in his profession. Edward is also the pioneer for integrating technology in the dentist’s office.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameEdward Zuckerberg
NicknamePainless Dr. Z
Real NameEdward J. Zuckerberg
Date of birth1955
Age0 years old
Place of birthFlatbush, Brooklyn, New York
FatherJack Zuckerberg
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseKaren ( Kempner) Zuckerberg
SonsMark Zuckerberg
DaughtersRandi Zuckerberg, Donna Zuckerberg, and
Arielle Zuckerberg
Net worthUnknown
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idekzooks
FacebookEdward Zuckerberg

Edward Zuckerberg Net Worth

Edward is the father of the youngest billionaire in the world, so he automatically has more money than many people that we know.

Besides this, he also has been working as a dentist even before his kids were born. He has earned more than enough for himself and has a hefty sum as his net worth, even if we ignore the massive fortune made by his son.

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Edward Zuckerberg’s Family, Children, and Grandchildren

Edward grew up in one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn called Flatbush. His father was a mail carrier who fought in the US Army during World War II. 

He has not shared anything about the identities of his mother or his siblings. However, he has shared that he grew up in a Jewish family.

Edward had a good life as a child with his family without any financial trouble. His family was the first one in their locality to buy a color TV.

His family was already into technology, and so was Edward. As a kid, he used to disassemble machines like stereos to know how it works. His love for technology remained with him even after he was all grown up. 

He was a numbers guy in high school and had a knack for science and maths. But at those times, there were not many opportunities in the computer sector. So, he decided to get a degree in biology.

It was after his degree in biology that he decided to study dentistry and joined New York University.

Even after working as a dentist, he continued his enthusiasm for machines.

When the 8-bit personal computer came into the market, he was one of the first people to buy it. He learned basic coding in it before bringing the IBM XT home.

He not only taught himself how to code but also taught his son. Mark learned most of his initial coding on the computers that Edward had brought.

Once Mark learned how to code, he even created an app for his father called ZuckNet, which helped Edward communicate between the computers at his home and office.

Edward was always supportive of his children and allowed them to follow their talents. He raised his children to be confident about themselves, and his upbringings turned out fruitful as all of his children have turned into accomplished adults.

Edward is not a dentist anymore, but still, he has his connection to dentistry through his website Painless Social Media.

Edward’s Wife Karen Kempner

The former dentist has been married to his beautiful and talented wife, Karen Kempner, since 1979.

Edward first met his wife in 1970 on a random blind date. The couple fell for each other from the first date and instantly began dating.

They dated for a whole nine years before finally taking their vows as husband and wife.

After marriage, they moved to Dobbs Ferry and gave birth to their four children. Their eldest one is their daughter Randi followed by their billionaire son Mark.

After their first two children, the couple welcomed two more daughters, Donna and Arielle.

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Education and Academic Qualifications

Edward has not shared any information about the name of his high school, but he has mentioned that he went to Brooklyn College to obtain a degree in biology.

After his degree, he enrolled in New York University College of Dentistry to become a dentist.

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What Does He Do Now? His Career and Work Details

Edward started his career as a dentist in Brooklyn after graduating from New York University.

He worked there for years before moving his work to Dobbs Ferry after the birth of his third child.

In Dobbs Ferry, he operated his office in his own house. His office was downstairs while his family resided upstairs.

He worked as a dentist for many years and even became the pioneer in using technologies in a dental office. 

However, later he retired as a dentist and started his website Painless Social Media, through which he encourages the dentists to incorporate technology in their practices.

Besides his career in dentistry, Edward is also a shareholder of Facebook. The employees of Facebook offered him 2 Million shares of Facebook for all the support that he gave to Mark.