Edi Bocelli (Andrea Bocelli’s Mother) Bio, Age, & Details

Edi Bocelli is the mother of the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli. Her son Andrea is one of the most respected musicians of all time, who has sold more than seventy-five million records throughout the world. He is also a Guinness Record holder and has his spot in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Edi shares a very close relationship with her sons, especially with Andrea.  She has always been Andrea’s biggest inspiration and support system. It was her optimism and determination that turned Andrea into the man he is today. She is also the one who persuaded Andrea to perform for Pope John Paul II just a few hours after her husband’s funeral.

Edi Bocelli Biography and Wiki

Popular NameEdi Bocelli
Real NameEdi Aringhieri
Date of birthDecember 6, 1937
Age84 years old
Place of birthUnknown
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseAlessandro Bocelli
SonsAndrea Bocelli and
Alberto Bocelli
Net worthUnknown
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack

Edi Bocelli Net Worth and Income

Nothing much is out about the earnings of Edi, but she shares the net worth of her son Andrea Bocelli. 

So, it is a no-brainer that she has more than enough money for herself.

Edi Bocelli Family, Children, and Personal Life

Edi is of Italian descent and was born somewhere in Italy. She has not shared anything about her hometown or parents, or siblings. So, no one knows anything about her personal life before coming to the limelight. However, because of her son, Andrea, many came to know about her later life. 

She was married to her husband, Alessandro Bocelli, and had two sons, Andrea and Alberto.

The mother of the world-famous musician has a life full of luxury now, but it was not the same in the past.

Edi has gone through her share of hardship. When she was pregnant with Andrea, the doctors suggested aborting the baby as there was a high chance of the baby being disable.

But Edi did not agree to that. Instead, with the support from her husband, she decided to give birth to the baby and raised it.

She gathered all the courage and kept an optimistic opinion while raising her son, Andrea. 

However, the doctors were right, and Andrea was born with problems in his sight and soon was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma when he was just five months old.

Things got worse when Andrea lost his eyesight entirely at twelve during a football match. Despite all these hardships, Edi never gave up on her son.

Though Andrea was devastated for a few days, Edi never left his side. To this day, Andrea credits his mother and father for who he has become. 

He shares that the decision made by his mother not aborting him gave him courage and made him optimistic about life. It was her willingness to live life to the fullest that gave new directions to him.

Andrea also shared heartfelt lyrics from his track Mamma to pay tribute to Edi on mother’s day. On another occasion, he, along with his daughter Virginia, also dedicated a video to her. Virginia’s mom’s name is Veronica Berti.

Likewise, Amos and Matteo’s mom is Andrea Bocelli’s ex-wife Enrica Cenzatti.

Edi is enjoying a blessed life with her family. Despite losing her husband in 2000, she still has her family to lean on.

She spends a lot of time with her sons, Andrea and Alberto, and their children. Edi has five grandchildren. Matteo, Amos, and Virginia are from Andrea and Rachele from Alberto.

Edi Bocelli’s Husband and Relationship

Edi was married to her husband Alessandro until he died in 2000. The couple had a great relationship where they supported each other.

Even during the birth of Andrea, Alessandro gave all his support to Edi when she decided to keep the baby, even after the doctors suggested abortion.

Edi and Alessandro were happily married and were enjoying their life with sons and grandchildren before the death of Alessandro.

Education and Major

Edi has not shared anything about her educational qualification or about the academic institutions that she attended.

So, no one has any idea about her educational background.


Edi used to work on a farm with her husband in one of the small villages of Tuscany when Andrea was just a kid. 

She used to make wine and sell farm machinery along with her husband to earn their living. However, after Andrea made it big, he gave his parents all the luxury. Edi and her husband left the farm life after that.

Since then, Edi has been sharing her son’s success and spending time with her sons and grandchildren.