Hilaria Baldwin(Alec Baldwin’s Wife) Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Education, and Career

Hilaria Baldwin is the talented and beautiful wife of the veteran actor Alec Baldwin. A former yoga instructor and co-founder of Yoga Vida, Hilaria turned into a media person after marrying her husband. She is the co-host of the podcast show Mom Brain and is the lifestyle correspondent for the show Extra.

Despite being a successful entrepreneur and a TV personality, recent years have not been kind to Hilary.

In December 2020, Hilaria faced backlash for faking a Spanish accent. After months when the matter was about to settle down, Hilary again came into the limelight.

But this time, it was because of an accident that happened on the set of the movie Rust. During the shoot, Alec Baldwin received a loaded prop firearm without his knowledge, which caused the death of Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer of the project. Filmmaker Joel Souza was also injured.

Biography (Quick Age, Birthday, Height, & Wiki)

Popular NameHilaria Baldwin
Real NameHillary Lynn Hayward-Thomas
Date of birthJanuary 6, 1984
Age40 years old
Place of birthBoston, Massachussetes
FatherDavid Thomas Jr.
MotherKathryn Hayward
BrotherJeremy Hayward-Thomas
SpouseAlec Baldwin
DaughtersCarmen Gabriela
Maria Lucia Victoria
Rafael Thomas
Leonardo Angel Charles
Romeo Alejandro David
Eduardo Pau Lucas
OccupationPodcaster, TV personality, author, and former yoga instructor
Net worth2-3 Million USD
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight56 kgs
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idhilariabaldwin

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Age Difference

Alec and Hilaria have an age difference of 26 years. Alec is 66 years old whereas his wife Hilaria is 40 years old.

Alec was born on April 3, 1958, and Hilaria was born on January 06, 1984.

Hilaria and Alec tied the know on June 30, 2012. Hilaria was just 28 years old at the time and Alec was 54 years old at the wedding.

Hilaria Baldwin’s Net Worth

Hilaria came into the limelight after marrying her husband. 

Because of the connections of her husband, she has become one of the wealthy celebrity moms.

But even before meeting her husband, she was a successful entrepreneur who co-founded a yoga studio named Yoga Vida, which later expanded to three different locations.

So, Hilaria earned her share of fortune even before her marriage, and it just got better after her marriage.

To this day, she makes a decent amount of money and has around 2-3 million USD as her net worth. 

Besides her net worth, she also shares the net worth of her husband. Her husband has around 60 million USD as her net worth.

Her Personal Life and Family

The 40 year-old was born in Boston to her father, David Thomas Jr., and mother, Kathryn Hayward. 

Her father, David, worked as an attorney during his young days and is a graduate of Georgetown University. Along with a law degree, he also has an undergraduate degree in Spanish literature from Harvard University.

While her father was an accomplished man, so was her mother. Her mother worked in the Massachusetts General Hospital as an associate physician. She also worked at Harvard Medical School as an assistant professor before retiring in 2012.

Hilaria, along with her brother, grew up in a household where they spoke Spanish. They even visited Spain every year. 

Though she had a mixed ethnicity because of her English, French, Slovak, Irish, and Canadian German descent, her family still prioritized Spanish.

Her paternal grandfather, David I Thomas Sr., was the one who introduced the world culture to her family. He also taught them fluent Spanish.

Because of their love for Spanish, both parents of Hilaria moved to Mallorca, Spain, and settled there. They also started the integrative health organization named International Integrators after their retirement.

Despite growing up in a close and healthy family, Hilaria had her own set of problems in her teenage and early 20s. During this age, she developed several eating disorders like bulimia, and anorexia. 

She suffered from the disorder for quite some time before determining that weight and health were two different things. With this thought, she came to solve her eating disorder.

Ever since then, Hilaria has never looked back at her insecurities. Instead, she has succeeded in both her personal and professional life. 

Hilaria Husband and Relationship

Hilaria has been married to the Academy Award-nominated actor Alec Baldwin since June 20 of 2012.

They initially started dating in August 2011 and got engaged just in seven months of dating.

The couple then tied the knot and started a family of their own. 

Currently, they are parents to their six children after Hilaria’s two miscarriages. Their eldest and youngest are beautiful daughters, while the rest of their four children are adorable sons.

Though things were hard during the miscarriages, Hilaria now has a lovely family with her husband and six children.

She is also on good terms with her stepdaughter, Ireland.

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The Illumination Award recipient went to Cambridge School of Weston, a private coed high school, for her schooling.

After high school, she joined New York University for her high studies.

During college, she was also on the ballroom dance team.


Hilaria started her career when she was still in college. 

Initially, she started yoga as her interest, but later, she made a career in it.

She established Yoga Vida, a yoga studio with partner Michael Patton, while still in college.

The studio was a hit and they even ex[pended it to three different locations in the Noho, Tribeca, and Dumbo areas of New York. The studios had a wide range of yoga practices for people.

She was already a successful entrepreneur but decided to leave it after marrying Alec Baldwin.

After marriage, she started working as a lifestyle correspondent for Extra, as her husband knew the producer of the show Steve Sunshine.

For the show, Hilaria even received the Daytime Emmy Award along with her crewmates.

After her success as a TV personality, she moved to the world of podcasts and started co-hosting the Mom Brain with Daphne Oz. It received good reviews from its listeners.

Hilaria then became part of the discussion with the UN panel for sustainable planet and food choice, along with her husband. She served as a wellness expert at the event.

Hilaria has a successful professional and personal life even after having six kids.

Controversies and Accidents

Despite being a successful media person, Hilaria has faced her fair share of controversies.

Her first controversy was during her days as a yoga instructor.

One of her yoga students named Spencer Wolf filed a complaint against her in the supreme court of Manhattan after acquiring injury during practice.

The case went on for a whole year before Hilaria made a settlement with a non-disclosure agreement.

It was not the last controversy that the successful media person had to go through. Hilaria faced her second known controversy after her audience noticed her fake Spanish accent in many videos. 

It became more evident during her interview on the Today Show, where she struggled to find the American word for cucumber.

She faced backlash from her audience, who accused her of impersonating and called her fake.

In response to all these allegations, Hilaria clarified that she grew up in a family of Spanish speakers.

She also added that stress and other factors bring out her accent as she is bilingual.

After a whole lot of debate on the Internet, the matter was slowly settling down.

However, things did not remain calm for long as the whole Baldwin family went into chaos. This time it was because of Alec Baldwin.

Alec was shooting for his new project, Rust, where he was also the producer.

During the shoot in Santa Fe, the assistant director, Dave Halls, gave Alec a prop firearm for the scene.

While handing the firearm, neither Halls nor Baldwin knew that there were actual bullets in it. So, they just went with the shoot.

But when Alec fired the firearm, it hit the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the chest and the director, Joel Souza, in the shoulder.

Because of the fatal injury, a helicopter was chartered for Hutchins, while an ambulance got called for Souza.

Though Souza came back alive and got discharged on the same day, Hutchins lost her life.

The incident made a big buzz in the media as someone lost their life.

When the police got to the shooting site, they searched and investigated the crew. Alec was also questioned but was allowed to go after the interrogation.

While the police force is still looking into the nature of the projectile to find the actual culprit, the Baldwin family is reaching out to the family of Hutchins.