Juanita Hardy (Sidney Poitier’s First Wife) Bio, Net Worth, & Daughters

Juanita Hardy is the first wife of the veteran Academy Award-winning actor Sidney Poitier. She married the late actor in 1950. She was with him for fifteen years and even had four daughters before ending their marriage in 1965.

Many people came to know about Hardy only because of her association with the former ambassador of Bahama to Japan.

However, she was also a model and a dancer before she got married to her late former husband.

She was also a graduate of the University of Columbia, while her former husband had only attended school till grade three.

Despite the differences, Hardy was always optimistic and supportive towards him, but she had to leave him because of his unfaithfulness.

Bio (Age, Birthday, Ethnicity, & Wiki)

Popular NameJuanita Hardy
Real NameJuanita Marie Hardy Poitier
Date of birthApril 1930
Age93 years old
Place of birthUSA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
Ex-spouseSidney Poitier
DaughtersBeverly Poitier-Henderson, 
Pamela Poitier, Sherri Poitier, and 
Gina Poitier
StepdaughtersAnika Poitier 
Sydney Tamiia Poitier Heartsong
OccupationFormer model
Net worthUnknown
Height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight60 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Juanita Hardy’s Net Worth

Hardy had a career as a model when she met the late veteran actor.

After that, she was married to him for fifteen years.

And no one knows about the money she got in alimony or what she did after divorcing her former husband.

So, no one knows her exact net worth.

Juanita’s Family (Four Daughters and Death of One)

The former model was all over the news and limelight because of her marriage to the Bahamian-American actor.

However, she never allowed any information about her upbringing or family out.

She did not disclose much about her life before marriage and maintained privacy even after her divorce.

However, she appeared in family pictures with her extended family from time to time and has a great bond with them.

Because of her kind and generous nature, she gets well with the second wife of her former husband and her two stepdaughters.

Hardy also had four daughters, Brvevely, Sherri, Palmela, and Gina.

Gina died in 2018 at fifty-seven, so Hardy only has three daughters now.

Her eldest, Beverly, is a jewelry designer and runs the Kazuki Jewelry and Poitier Henderson Jewelry.

Along with Beverly, Gina was also one of the daughters of Poitier, who did not pursue acting.

Instead of acting, Gina pursued designing and ran Bejai Designs, a plus-size boutique.

Besides Beverly and Gina, the remaining two daughters, Pamela and Sherri, followed their father and became actresses.

Initially, both Pamela and Sherri started as an actress and acted in movies before choosing a different career later.

While Sherri moved to Bahama and started teaching acting there, her sister Pamela also worked as a chef besides appearing in other movies such as The Fighting Temptations.

Hardy is close to all her daughters and has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren often post pictures with her on many occasions.

Juanita’s Husband Sidney Poitiers and Relationship

Hardy was previously married to the Lillies of the Field actor Sidney Poitier.

When she met Poitier, he had some success but was still a dishwasher.

Despite the circumstances, she agreed to marry him and even had four daughters with him.

The couple lived in Stuyvesant, New York, as the most influential African-American couple in Hollywood.

They were happily married for the first nine years until Poitier fell for his Porgy and Bess costar Guahann Carroll.

The two were madly in love, and Poitier even brought an apartment for her.

The veteran actor had an affair with Carroll for years while still married to Hardy.

He knew he did not want to be with Hardy but could not divorce her because of their daughters.

After seeing another woman for years, Poitier started having doubts about his extramarital relationship and ended it.

Though he ended things with Carroll, Hardy had enough, so they divorced in 1965.

After the divorce, the actor began dating his second wife, Joanna Shimkus, while Hardy kept herself from the limelight.

While Poitier publicly dated Shimkus and even had two more daughters with her, Hardy maintained privacy in her dating and personal life.

Due to this, there is not much information about whether Hardy remarried or dated someone. 


Hardy has not shared anything about her high school experience.

However, during the documentary of the late actor, she mentioned that she was a student at the University of Columbia.

Her Career in Modeling and Dancing

Hardy was a model before her life with her late husband.

She also was a skilled dancer.

However, after marrying Poitier and having kids, she left her career to focus on her family.

She stayed with the kids while her husband became the breadwinner for the family.

While married to Poitier, she was a homemaker, but after the divorce, she maintained utmost privacy, and no one had any idea about what she did for a living.

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