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Halyna Hutchins was a talented and hardworking cinematographer who lost her life to an unfortunate event during the shoot of the movie Rust. She was one of the most anticipated directors of photography, who could have made a real impact on Hollywood with her work.

However, she lost her life during the shoot of the movie Rust. During the shoot, the assistant director gave a prop gun to Alec Baldwin for the scene.

Baldwin took the prop gun and went with the shoot, but neither he nor the people who gave it to him knew it was a loaded gun. So, when he fired the gun, the bullets hit Hutchins on her chest and Joel Souza, the director, on his shoulder. Though the crew took both of them to the hospital, only Souza could make it alive.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameHalyna Hutchins
Real NameHalyna Hutchins
Date of birth1979
Age at death42 years old
Place of birthHorodets, Zhytomyr Oblast, USSR
Date of deathOctober 21, 2021
FatherAnatoly Androsovych
MotherOlga Androsovych
SisterSvetlana Androsovych
SpouseMatthew Hutchins
SonAndros Hutchins
Net worth300 Thousand USD
Height5 ft 6 in (167 cm)
Weight55 kgs
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idhalynahutchins
FacebookHalyna Hutchins

Halyna Hutchins’ Net Worth

Hutchins has worked as a cinematographer since 2015. She was part of more than thirty projects which included movies, short movies, and even some projects on TV.

She was known for her creativity and was one of the proclaimed female cinematographers in the industry.

While alive, she had a decent amount of 300 thousand USD as her net worth.

Halyna’s Personal Life and Family

The late cinematographer was born Halyna Androsovych in Zhytomyr Oblast in the USSR. She was the eldest daughter of Anatoly Androsovych and his wife, Olga. 

Her father was an officer in the Soviet Navy so, she and her younger sister grew up in the military bases of Murmansk in Russia.

Because of the background of her father, Hutchins called herself a military brat while growing up.

She also got interested in movies after watching them during her stay on the military bases. 

She then traveled to different places in Eastern Europe as an investigative journalist before moving to the USA.

In the USA, she had a great career and family. She was working on different projects while enjoying life with her husband and son.

However, she left the world at a very young age because of an unfortunate. She was on the set of Rust as a cinematographer when she died due to a fatal injury acquired from a gunshot.

Hutchins got injured when the prop team gave a prop gun to Alec Baldwin, and he shot it.

At the time, no one knew that it was a loaded gun. The crew only came to know about it once Hutchins and Joel Souza, the director, got hurt because of the bullets from the prop gun.

The remaining crew took the injured to the hospital, but unfortunately, they couldn’t save Hutchins.

After the accidents, police also got there and investigated Baldwin as he was the one to shoot. The police let Baldwin go after asking a few questions, but they are still investigating the case.

When the news of Hutchins’s death got to her family, they were devastated. Her son couldn’t cope with losing her and did not speak a word for two whole days.

To console the grieving family, Baldwin himself met with the husband and son of Hutchins for breakfast and relayed his condolences.

Even the father of Hutchins, Anatoly, does not blame Baldwin for what happened to his daughter. However, he believes that the prop team was at fault as they should have done a better job of checking the prop gun before handing it to the actors.

Currently, Anatoly is making arrangements for his wife and his younger daughter to fly to America. They want to be there to comfort the husband and son of Hutchins.

The death of Hutchins has shaken her family and also the entire film industry. People have now become more concerned about the wellbeing of the crew and cast members on the set of movies.

After this incident, the crew members replaced all the real guns used on the set with toy guns.

Many celebrities and Hollywood personalities have also come forward to support it. People have introduced Halyna’s Law, which will ban real guns on the set of movies. 

Eric Kripke from the show The Boys has also decided to ban guns and blanks from his show.

Similarly, the friends and teachers of Hutchins from the AFIC have also set up the Halyna Hutchins Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor her death. The fund will help women to get proper education in the field of cinematography.

Who is Halyna Hutchins’ Husband?

Hutchins was married to her husband of sixteen years, Matthew Hutchins, before her death.

She met Matthew when she was in Murmansk in Russia and got married in 2005.

Her husband is a graduate of Harvard Law School who initially worked at Kirkland Ellis as an in-house lawyer.

Just this year, he left his previous job to join Latham & Watkins, where he still works as an attorney.

The death of Hutchins was a blow to her husband and her nine-year-old son. It was especially hard for her son, who now only has one parent.


Hutchins initially attended the National Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine to study economics.

But she changed her mind and switched to journalism at Kyiv National University.

After getting her undergraduate degree in international journalism, she joined the American Film Institute Conservatory (AFIC) for her further studies.

She completed her Master’s in AFIC in 2015 with a degree in Fine Arts.

During her thesis, she did a project titled Hidden which, was screened on many occasions, including at the Austin Film Festival and Camerimage International Film Festival.

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Hutchins started her career after graduation from college. After getting an undergraduate degree, she worked in Eastern Europe as an investigative journalist.

She worked as a journalist for a few years before moving to Los Angeles to try her luck in filmmaking.

While in Los Angeles, she was active as a fashion photographer and also did work in productions.

It was during this time that she met the cinematographer Bob Primes. Primes encouraged her to apply for AFIC, where he worked as a teacher.

She got accepted into the institution and started her Master’s study there. After graduating, she started working as a cinematographer on different projects.

She was among the eight females who got the opportunity to work in the Fox DP Lab program as a cinematographer.

The very next year, American Cinematographer included her in its list of 10-up-coming directors of photography.

Hutchins was a bright and creative cinematographer who had worked on many projects like The Mad Hatter, Blindfire, Darlin, etc.

She was working on the movie Rust, co-produced and acted by the veteran actor Alec Baldwin when the unfortunate event occurred and she lost her life.

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