Everything You Need to Know about Audra Miller (Bio, Net Worth, & Partner)

Audra Miller Family, Parents, and Personal Life

Miller was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. Her father is Shawn Miller, and her mother is Nikki Miller. She also has a 18-years-old brother, Ryan. 

She was unique from the time she was born as she was born purple and didn’t have any hair till the age was two. But this never made her family love her any less. 

She is very close to her family and loves to spend quality time with them. She values her family so much that she still has the baby blanket that her grandma gave her. She even posted a photo of her with her family on Christmas. 

She has a small yet close circle of friends with whom she loves to hang out. She also has two dogs and one cat, whom she loves dearly. 

Like most young people, she also likes to eat and travel. She has traveled to 20 states and is in love with Italian food. She can eat pasta every single day. But when it comes to midnight snacks, she switches to Takis chips and some milk. She posts about trying new Italian food on her Instagram. 

She has a very active life, but in real life, she isn’t much into fitness. She runs a little, but other times she watches Netflix when she is not working. She is an introvert but can turn into an extrovert when it is needed. 

She also shares many things about her in her channel, which has 33.4K subscribers. In one of her videos, she shared that she has one fake tooth. Her godfather, who happened to be her dentist, was the one who fixed her tooth. 

She also shared how she won the title of Erie county fair princess at the age of eight. She also disclosed that she needs some background noise to sleep well, for which she sleeps with the fan.

Audra Miller Net Worth

Her net worth adds up to be around 1M to 12M USD, with a monthly income of 60K to 200K.

Being a singer as a profession, the prime portion of her income comes from the cover videos on YouTube. Royalties from her songs add more to her bank. Besides these, she has also done many paid partnerships. The current one being with the Mill Creek Mall.

Audra Miller Boyfriend and Relationships

Miller has not disclosed anything about her love life, and to some extent, even her fans are not ready to hear her singing songs for someone else. Currently, she is living a happy and successful single life.


As good as Miller is in her career as a singer, she was also equally good in her schooling. She went to Seneca high school in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Miller was an ace student and used to be the valedictorian of her class. She was a nerd in school who even got an award in maths. 

Miller passed high school and was planning to study to become a pharmacist within ten years. She even applied to an accelerated program to become a pharmacist and was accepted. However, she chose to be a singer and band over being a pharmacist and didn’t join the program.

Career, Music, and First to Eleventh

Miller was always interested in singing from her early days. She remembers her first singing experience. It was singing the national song. To this day, she finds the national anthem hard to sing. From here, her interest in singing started to grow. 

She even did musicals when she was in middle school. However, she did not see her doing that for the rest of her life. 

When she saw the First to Eleventh in fall fest in 2015, she felt like this was what she wanted to do. She approached Ryan and expressed the desire to join them. Soon the then vocalist left the band, and Miller became the main vocalist of the band. 

The band First to Eleventh was initially called M4, and Ryan Krysiak was the one forming it. Ryan formed the group in the school where he was a guitar instructor in 2009 and someone as the lead vocalist. However, since 2015, Miller has been their vocalist. 

Now, the band consists of Miller as the lead vocalist, Sam Gilman on the drums, Matt Yost as the guitarist, and Ryan Krysiak on the bass. The band used to play a game of volley dunk a lot. Whoever scored eleven points first was the winner in it. From this game, they thought of naming the band First to eleventh. 

They now have a YouTube channel with 1.15M subscribers. They record and upload cover songs on their YouTube and get a tremendous amount of views. The enchanting vocal of Miller adds more life and charisma to the cover videos. 

Miller also has many supporting fans who encourage her to even participate in The Voice. She has not been on The Voice yet. Instead, she and her band have released many songs of their own. All their songs got the same amount of support as their cover videos. 

Miller has a very successful career at a very young age. She even got featured in the Erie Times news. She even got a chance to be on the Vans Warped Tour.


Except for the times when she needs to be an extrovert, she is an introvert. She likes to watch Netflix when she is not working. She also loves traveling, makeup, and eating besides music. She practices and tries different makeup in her free time. 

She is also obsessed with Italian food and seafood. She also often shares about trying new Italian food through her vlog and Instagram. 

Besides food, she loves coffee a lot and thinks that she can not go without coffee for even a day. 

Besides these, she likes to sing and write songs. She feels like singing is something she wants to do throughout her life.

Quick Biography

  • Name:- Audra Miller
  • Real name:- Audra Miller                             
  • Date of birth:- 2001-07-11
  • Age:- 22 years old 
  • Place of birth:- Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Father:- Shawn Miller                              
  • Mother:- Nikki Miller                       
  • Siblings:- One young brother
  • Brother:- Ryan Miller 
  • Status:- Single
  • Occupation:- Pop singer and songwriter
  • Band associated:- First To Eleven (F211)
  • Role in band:- Main vocalist
  • Net worth:- 1M – 12M USD
  • Nationality:- American
  • Ethnicity:- American 
  • Religion:- Christianity
  • Zodiac:- Aries
  • Height:- 5.8 ft ( 178 cm)
  • Weight:-55kgs
  • Measurement- Unknown              
  • Hair color:- Strawberry blonde
  • Eye color:- Blue
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Youtube:- audramllr
  • Instagram id:- audra.mllr
  • Twitter:- audramllr