Dirty Dancing’s Eleanor Bergstein’s Biography and Net Worth

Eleanor Bergstein is a novelist, writer, and screenwriter well-known for her movie Dirty Dancing. The project was a great hit in 1987, generating 214.6 million USD.

Besides being active in the movie industry, Bergstein is also a novelist who has been writing novels since 1970. 

Bergstein is married to the renowned poet and professor at Princeton University, Michael Goldman. Her husband holds his charm in literature, especially in poetry, for which he received the Jennie Tane Prize.


Popular NameEleanor Bergstein
Real NameEleanor Bergstein
Pet nameBaby
Date of birthApril 17, 1938
Age86 years old
Place of birthBrooklyn, USA
FatherJoseph Bergstein
MotherSarah Bergstein
SpouseMichael Goldman
OccupationScreenwriter, Filmmaker, Writer, and Novelist
Net worth19 Million USD
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown

Eleanor Bergstein’s Net Worth

Bergstein is a successful novelist and screenwriter who has many novels and movies to her name. But the one work of hers that outshined the others is her movie Dirty Dancing

Popular producer Linda Gottlieb produced the movie.

The movie was such a hit that it was able to earn a massive sum of 214.6 Million USD in 1978. This movie solely gave a great fortune to all the people associated with it. 

From the success of her movie and other projects, Bergstein has maintained a net worth of 19 Million USD.

Eleanor’s Personal Life and Family

Bergstein was born to a Jewish family in Brooklyn. Her father is Joseph Bergstein, and her mother is Sarah Bergstein. They nicknamed her baby and used to call her that even when she was a full grown-up twenty-two-year-old lady.

Her father was a doctor and was always busy. So, her mother took all the responsibility of raising her and her elder sister.

Bergstein grew up in a liberal and fun-loving family who would host parties often. It was during this house party that Bergstein started dancing. 

While her family visited the Catskill Mountains for the summer holidays, they would be busy with golf. But Bergstein would be busy practicing her dance.

Eventually, she learned and became a graceful Mambo dancer. Mambo is a form of Latin dance native to Cuba and is often referred to as dirty dancing.

Bergstein loved Mambo and even took part in many Mambo dance competitions. She even started teaching others how to dance.

Initially, she started giving dance lessons to the underprivileged but later joined the dance studio run by Arthur Murray as a dance instructor.

She had a decent career when she decided to marry a professor at Princeton University, who was one of the big names in English literature.

Maybe because of her husband’s influence, Bergstein also started writing novels. Then one thing led to another, and she wanted to make a movie out of her writings.

It was when Dirty Dancing came to her mind, and the rest is history. She has continued working in the same industry ever since.

Her Husband and Relationship

Bergstein has been married to her husband, Michael Goldman, since the 17th of January 1965. 

Her husband, Goldman, is an English professor at the prestigious Princeton University. 

He is not only an expert teacher but also an excellent poet. For his poetry, he has even received the prestigious poetry award, the Jennie Tane Prize.


Bergstein has not shared much when it comes to the educational institutes that she has attended so, no one knows anything about her academic qualification.


From her early days, Bergstein was passionate about dancing. She even worked as an instructor at the famous Arthur Murray Dance Academy.

However, after her marriage to her husband, she became more inclined towards writing and started writing novels. Her first novel was Advancing Paul Newman, which was published in 1973.

Though she was a writer now, her passion for dirty dancing was still there. It made her wish to make a movie on a dirty dance story based on her childhood.

Then she got determined about what she wanted to do and started approaching people. She shared her idea with her friend Linda Gottlieb over lunch. 

In the part where Bergstein mentioned dirty dancing, Gottlieb knew that the movie would be a hit. The title Dirty Dancing will be enough to pull a few million USD at the box office.

Gottlieb persuaded her company MGM to invest in the project, but due to some reasons, they withdrew the financial support.

So, Gottlieb went to Vestron Pictures, who were planning to release their movies. Vestron Pictures agreed to invest but kept a condition that it should make at least 5 Million USD. 

The movie Dirty Dancing then got shot. On its release, not only did it become a hit, but it also made 214.6 Million USD.

This success brought Bergstein into the spotlight, and her career in the movies took off. After this movie, she even worked on other projects like Let It Be Me, etc.

Bergstein had a successful career, and with her movie Dirty Dancing, she left her mark.