Eve Schiff (Adam Schiff’s Wife) Bio, Age, Maiden Name, Net Worth, Children, Wiki, & More

Eve Schiff is the wife of famous American Politician Adam Schiff who is currently serving as the U.S. Representative for California’s congressional district (2013 – present). He belongs to Democratic Party and currently is the leading prosecution in President Trump’s impeachment trial. Today, we will be focusing on his wife Eve rather than the Congressman Adam.

Eve Schiff is regularly admired by her husband Adam on social media which has made many people want to know more about her. How old is Eve, what’s her maiden name, where is she from, and what does she do, and so on…

Here, you will find out Eve Schiff’s biography, net worth, salary, height, age, relationship, spouse, family, residence, achievements, education, hobbies, social media accounts, and more.

Bio and Personal Information

Eve Schiff, the wife of Adam was born on December 12th of 1962 in Burbank, California as Eve Sanderson. She spent her childhood in Massachusetts. She is currently 61 years old. She engages herself a lot in volunteer work and she is a former tennis player. Read on to find more about her. She is Catholic whereas her husband Adam belongs to a Jewish family.

Birth Name Eve Sanderson
Nickname Eve
Birthday December 12, 1962
Birthplace Burbank, California
Massachusetts, USA.
Age 61 years old
Profession Volunteer,
Former tennis player
Years active NA
Nationality American
Religion Catholic
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Race/ethnicity White Caucasian

Eve Schiff’s Profession and Net Worth

Eve has worked as a social worker for a long period of time. She has volunteered across California, Washington DC, and many others parts of the US. She even joined her kids’ school’s PTA (an association of teachers and parents). She is a former tennis player as well but left the tennis after giving birth to her children.

Eve and her husband Adam Schiff share a joint net worth of $2 million. They had the net worth of$1.67 million in 2015 and 1.74 in 2016 but a reliable source claimed that Eve and Adam has the net worth of just $0.3 million currently. Her husband has significantly invested in stock markets including the share on Apple.

Profession Volunteer,
Former tennis player
Business NA
Known for Being the wife of Adam Schiff
Net worth $0.3 million
Salary NA
Cars NA
House/Current Residence
California, USA.
Brand Endorsement No

Eve’s Husband and Past Relationship

Eve and Adam met at Marina Del Rey tennis court in 1990 when she was 27 years old. Adam’s fried had arranged a doubles match and one participant was Eve Sanderson. Eve was an active tennis player at that time.

Fast forward four years, Eve and Adam Schiff had got themselves engaged and married one year later on February 19th, of 1995.

Eve has always supporter her husband in his political journey. She came to limelight when she was his fiancee and supported Adam during Husting Campaign in 1994. Adam was competing against James Rogan at that time and ended up losing to Rogan.

Eve and Adam Schiff laught about “Adam and Eve” jokes that they have faced throughout these two decades. They also shared a true story that one day they visited a car dealership and introduced themseles as Adam and Eve to the cars salesman. The car salesman thought they were joking with him and walked away.

Marital status Married
Sexuality Straight
Affair/Ex-Boyfriend NA
Husband Adam Schiff
Wedding Date February 19, 1995
Current Relationship Adam Schiff

Eve Schiff’s Family & Two Children

Eve Schiff’s mother name is Marion Sanderson. Her mother passed away in mid 90’s.

Eve spent a lot of her time taking caring of household works and her children. Eve and Adam have two children named Elijah “Eli” and Alexa “Lexi”.

Their daughter Alexa “Lexi” Schiff was born in July of 1998 and is currently 25 years old. She currently lives in New York. She studied at Winston Churchill High School graduated from Northwestern University with Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature. She knows English, French, and Spanish language and is currently working as Senior Editor for STITCH Magazine and intern at Special Projects Media.

Likewise, Eve’s son Elijah “Eli” Schiff is currently 21 years old.

Children Two
Son Elijah “Eli” Schiff ( 21 years old )
Daughters Alexa “Lexi” Schiff ( 25 )
Mother (Parents) Marion Sanderson (Passed away in mid 90’s)
Father in law Ed Schiff
Mother in law Sherrill Ann Schiff (Passed away)
Brother 1
Sister 1


Eve Schiff studied at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego in 1980. She graduated at Literature and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and engaged herself in many social and volunteer works early on.

School Torrey Pines High School 1980.
College/University University of California, Santa Barbara
Education Qualification Literature and Sociology

Eve’s Height, Body Measurements & Appearance

Height 1.63 m / 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 124 lbs (56 kg)
Dress size NA
Shoe size 6 UK
Body measurement
Tattoo No
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Black

Awards and Achievements

Awards won NA
Nominations NA
Best awards NA

Social Media Pages

Eve is not active in any social media channel.



How old is Eve Schiff?

Eve is currently 61 years old.

Why is Eve Schiff famous?

Eve is famous for being the wife of American Congressman Adam Schiff.

Is Eve Schiff married? Who is her partner?

Eve Schiff is married to Adam Schiff since 1995 and has two children together.

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