Suzy Lu Bio, Net Worth, Family, & Relationship

Suzy Lu Bio and Personal Life:-

The famous Youtube enthusiast was born in a town called Torquay in Devon, England. 

However, her parents moved to Scotland when she was just three months old. She was raised in Scotland and has been living there ever since. She spent her entire childhood and adulthood in Scotland, because of which she often likes to tell people that she is Scottish, even though she is British. 

In one of the videos, Lu explains that she was a brat as a child, and she has many instances where she used to act up by being jealous of her elder brother. She also mentions other memories with her elder brother. 

However, the identity of her parents and family still remains a mystery. 

In the same video, she also shares that she was born with a blind left eye, which gets small whenever she is tired. She also talks about how no one around her noticed this, not even her driving instructor.

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Suzy Lu Boyfriend and Relationships:-

In one of her videos, Lu talks about her previous relationships. She mentions that she has been in only four relationships. Currently, she is dating another Scottish Youtube gamer Steve Joe, also known as Steejo. They can be seen making many videos together.

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Suzy Lu Net Worth

Suzy Lu has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She makes money through her YouTube channels. 


From her early childhood, Suzy Lu was more into creativity rather than academics. She was a carefree soul who wanted to have fun with her friends even in her school days and liked to sing and act. 

She didn’t have much enthusiasm when it came to her studies. It led to her dropping out of school when she was just fifteen. 

She explains how the study wasn’t her thing in one of her youtube videos.

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Suzy Lu started her career as a content creator on Youtube on 6th April 2013. She used the name Suzy Lu based on her favorite character from the cartoon Storm hawks’. 

She first uploaded a video of her playing games on her channel, which she continued for several years. Later she started making videos where she used to react to popular anime. She has been uploading various other content on her channel ever since. 

However, she is best known for her gaming and reaction videos. She even has a different youtube channel where she uploads her gaming videos only. She has established herself as a successful content creator on Youtube with over 430K subscribers and 120,000,000 views. She is popular among the gaming communities as well as among the Otakus.


Recently, in March of 2019, Suzy Lu was the core of a controversy in which she was accused of misusing the copyright takedown system in Youtube against many other Youtubers. Other Youtubers claimed that even the sole mention of her channel’s name in their videos would lead the videos to get reported under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). 

The controversy grew so big that even after a year of this, a Youtuber named John Swan uploaded a video on it. However, it was taken down by Youtube because it was flagged by many of the viewers who supported Suzy Lu.

Bio and Wiki Quick Summary:-

  • Public-facing name:- Suzy Lu
  • Real name: – Not disclosed
  • Date of birth: – 1989-10-05 
  • Age” 34 years old
  • Place of birth: – Torquay, Devon, England

●   Father’s name: – Not disclosed

●   Mother’s name: – Not disclosed

●   Siblings: – 1 elder brother

●   Partner: – Steve Joe

●   Occupation: – Gamer and Youtube content creator

●   Net worth: –  US $500,000

●   Nationality: – British

●   Religion:- Unknown

●   Zodiac: – Libra

●   Height: – Unknown

●   Weight: – Unknown

●   Measurement: – Unknown

●   Hair color: – Blonde

●   Eyes color: – Black

●   Complexion: – Fair

  • Twitter:- SuzyLuOfficial
  • Website:-