How Much is Sandi Morris Worth? Her Net Worth, Husband, & Biography

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics was no less than any rollercoaster ride for many athletes, including the American athlete Sandi Morris. Morris flew to Tokyo to represent the USA in the pole vault. She made her place in the US Olympics team after winning third place in the trials game.

It was her second time competing in the Olympics by representing the USA. In the last Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, she won a silver medal, so she was one of the much-anticipated athletes of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, she did not reach the final after her pole broke down in the qualifying round and hurt her hips.

Quick Summary

Popular NameSandi Morris
Real NameSandi Morris
Date of birthJuly 8, 1992
Age32 years old
Place of birthDowners Grove, Illinois, USA
FatherHarry Morris
MotherKerry Morris
SisterCrissy Morris
SpouseTyrone Smith
OccupationProfessional athlete
Net worth1.3 Million USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight62 kgs
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Instagram idsandicheekspv
YouTubeSandi Morris
FacebookSandi Morris

Sandi Morris Net Worth and Earnings

Morris has been a star athlete who has many titles and endorsements to her name. She has also received various sponsorships from some of the biggest brands like Nike and PUMA Group.

She has led a successful career and has earned a fair share of fame and fortune for herself. The six-time national champion has a net worth of 1.3 Million USD.

Height, Weight, and Physical Measurements

The two-time Olympian has a great height of 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs only 62 kgs.

She has a well-built body that is all toned and muscular because of her hard work in the field.

Sandi Personal Life And Family

Morris was born in Downers Grove to her parents Harry and Kerry. She grew up along with her sister Crissy, a professional physical therapist, in an athletic family.

Both her parents were in sports during their days. Her father was an athlete who specialized in pole vaulting, and her mother was also a pentathlete athlete in her days.

Growing up, Morris was a tomboy who loved climbing trees. She was a kid gifted with athletic skills. She tried many forms of sports before finally settling for pole vaulting like her father.

Despite having her athletic mother as her coach in school and her father as her mentor, she didn’t want them to train her. So, her parents took help from one of the best pole vault coaches of all time, Rusty Shealy.

Her parents used to drive her to Columbia to train with Shealy once a week. Later, the commotion reduced after Shealy started to coach in her hometown.

She started training at a young age, and to this day, she works equally hard. She visits the gym regularly and even does weightlifting two to three times a week.

Besides her love for pole vault, she is also an animal enthusiast who raised more than ten animals, including reptiles and birds, as her pet.

She had twenty- eight snakes, which now have been reduced to three as she couldn’t care of all of them.

Along with the three snakes, she has two more birds named Juniper and Indi and two greyhounds named Nim and Rango.

Because of her love for pets, her husband has become accustomed to her pets, including the snakes.

Morris is one of the most hard-working athletes in the field, and she is an equally fun-loving person in real life. 

She is also very active on social media and has her own YouTube channel.

Sandi Husband and Relationship

The four-time All-American has been married to her husband, Tyrone Smith, since October 2019.

Like Morris, her husband is also an athlete, but he competes in the long jump. 

Smith is a three-time Olympian with an MBA degree from The University of Texas who worked as a brand manager for Sony Playstation. 

Morris met Smith during the 2016 Olympics, and they started dating.

Later, Smith flew to Zurich in 2018 during the Diamond League Final and proposed to Morris. The couple waited for a whole year before tying the knot.

The couple lived in different cities during the dating phase. Even after their marriage, they were still doing long distances. 

Despite doing long-distance throughout their relationships, they recently bought a house in Atlanta in Georgia to live together for the first time.


Morris attended Greenville High School to get her high school degree. 

After completing high school, she enrolled at the University of North Carolina to pursue her higher education.

However, she was there for only two years as she later transferred to the University of Arkansas.

Morris completed her college in 2015 and graduated with a degree in Broadcast communication.


Morris started her career in the field at a very early age. She traveled to Colombia once a week to train with the legendary coach of all time, Rusty Shealy.

While still in high school, she won the South Carolina High school League two times.

She graduated from high school in 2010, and the same year, she became the USATF Junior Olympic Track and Field Champion.

She took her passion for pole vault even in college and continued competing in many events. She even received guidance from the six-time national champion and an Olympic gold medalist athlete Bryan Compton.

Despite the great coaching, she showed average performance while representing her universities. However, things took a turn for the better after she signed a contract with Nike in 2015 and started her professional journey.

After a year of turning pro, she competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic trials and secured a spot in the US Olympics Team after winning second place.

She maintained her pace even in the actual Olympics final and returned home with a silver.

The same year of the 2016 Olympics, Morris added one more achievement by breaking the record set by Jennifer Suhr during the American Track League.

It was just a start for Morris as she then represented the USA two more times in the World Championships. She already competed in 2015 and came in the fourth position, but the latter two times were different as she won silver in both 2017 and 2019.

She also competed in the 2018 World Indoor Championships and won the event. Morris competed in many more events and kept improving every day.

When the 2020 Tokyo Olympics came around the corner, she started preparing for the trial games despite the pandemic.

She visited her parents and used a local soccer field to build a pole vault facility. Even in such times, she practiced hard without any rest.

At the start of this year, she terminated her contract with Nike and joined the PUMA Group. She also competed again for her spot in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And even this time, she successfully flew to Tokyo after winning third place in the trail.

Though she passed the trial game, luck wasn’t in her favor in the actual Olympics. During the qualifying round of the Olympics, her pole broke in her first attempt and injured her hip area.

Despite the incident with her pole, she collected herself and went for her second attempt. But things didn’t work out for her as she couldn’t cross the bar because of her hip problem.

Because of her pole, her journey in the game was cut short, and she couldn’t move forward to the final.