Ron Steslow Wiki | Age, Height, Net Worth, & Marriage

Ronald Steslow, best known as Ron Steslow, is a former Republican strategist who worked actively in high-stakes politics for more than two decades.

While working as a Republican strategist, he also co-founded The Lincoln Project, an establishment that he started with other renowned Republicans like George Conway, Reed Galen, etc. 

The Lincoln Project was started in late 2019 when Steslow and other Republicans became fed off of former President Donald Trump. The whole idea was to create ads and campaigns to stop the reelection of Trump as the President of America.

The group went to the extent where they endorsed the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, to stop Trump. All these efforts paid off, as Trump could not continue his Presidentialship.

However, Steslow and a few others left the Project because of John Weaver, one of the co-founders, who got called out for his sexual misconduct. 

Biography Summary (Age, Height, & Wiki)

Popular NameRon Steslow
Real NameRonald Jonathan Steslow
Date of birth1983
Age40 years old
Place of birthUSA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
StatusNot disclosed
PartnerNot disclosed
ChildrenNot disclosed
OccupationPolitical strategist, 
Creator and Host of Podcast
Net worth600 Thousand USD
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idronaldsteslow

Ron Steslolw’s Net Worth

Steslow has worked as a strategist for a long time and is also running an advertising company named TUSK since 2011.

Despite leaving The Lincoln Project, his career in politics and business is going great.

He has earned a decent amount of money over the years, if not a massive amount, and has a net worth of 600,000 USD.

Personal Life and Family

Because of his involvement in politics, Steslow has kept his personal life away from the eyes of the public.

So no one knows any details about his parents or siblings.

However, the former Republic strategist has shared that he grew up in an Evangelical household, where his father served as a pastor.

Steslow also shared that he struggled with his identity and sexuality till he was in his twenties.

He found his true self after coming out about his sexual preference. 

After finding himself, Steslow has been open about his sexuality and even helped others with their identity.

Ron Steslow’s Partner, Gay Rumors, and Marriage

While maintaining privacy about his personal life, Steslow has also kept his love private.

Though everyone knows that he prefer male over female as lovers, no one knows if he has a partner or is a happy single.


Steslow has not shared anything about the educational institutes he studied in his young days.

However, he has shared that he attended the University of Nevada and earned a BA degree in International Affairs & Political Science.

Besides his degree, he also has a CELTA license from the University of Cambridge.


Steslow has not shared much about his early days in his career.

He had only shared about his career from the point where he worked as President and Redistricting director in the fund for Nevada’s Future.

While still working in the Fund, Steslow also established his own advertising company, TUSK, in 2011.

He still runs the company as its owner and president and has provided his expertise to renowned clients.

Along with TUSK, Steslow is also the co-founder of Megaphone, with which he was working till November of 2019.

Besides running successful businesses, Steslow is also involved actively in politics with his affiliation with the Republic party.

As a part of his political journey, he was part of the Carly for President as its digital director and the SAM party as its chief strategist.

Later, Steslow even cofounded The Lincoln Project with other renowned Republicans who were fed up with the Trump government and served as its advisor.

The objective behind the organization was to stop former President Trump from being the president for the second time.

Steslow and other members launched multimillion-dollar ads and endorsed a democratic candidate to achieve their goal.

The organization was a success as Trump lost his second election. It received a lot of applause from the public, but at the same time, it also became part of a controversy when one of its co-founders, John Weaver, got dragged down for his sexual misconduct.

Weaver initially got accused of sending inappropriate sexual texts to multiple men in and out of the organization and asking them to get intimate with him in return for professional help.

He also was accused of having a non-physical relationship with a fourteen-year-old boy, with whom Weaver got intimate after he turned eighteen. 

It started as accusations, but Weaver accepted all of them.

The team of the Project then issued a statement calling Weaver a predator, liar, and abuser.

Despite this controversy got over after Weaver accepted his misdeed, more came into the light as its current and former employees brought their struggles with the organization.

Many of the employees shared that their working environment was toxic because even a few leading people were sexist and used homophobic language on more than one occasion.

All these controversies made Steslow and others discontinue their affiliation with the organization. 

Though Steslow left the organization, he still wanted to contribute to helping the people know about politics. So, he started Ploiticology in 2021, a political podcast where he talks about the basics and current political conditions.

Steslow has continued running his business and spreading political awareness to the people.