Ppcocaine’s Age, Net Worth, Gender, & Girlfriend

Lilliane Catherine Diomi, who goes by the name Ppcocaine is an aspiring rapper who garnered great fandom and popularity in a short amount of time through TikTok. Ppcocaine identifies as gender-fluid and uses the pronouns they and them.

Ppcocaine was just an erotic dancer before the start of the pandemic. However, after they uploaded a snippet of their song PJ during the pandemic, it went viral, and they became a rapper.

It was just a start as soon after the popularity, Ppcocaine started uploading more and more songs on TikTok, which finally led them to sign a contract with Columbia Records.

Biography Summary

Popular NamePpcocaine, Trapbunniebubbles
Real NameLilliane Catherine Diomi
Date of birthJune 1, 2001
Age23 years old
Place of birthPanorama City, Los Angeles, USA
FatherBernard Biomi
MotherNot disclosed
BrothersWilliam Ashlynn and 
Erin Escobar 
SistersMichaela Rekla and
Madison Rekla
StatusIn a relationship
PartnerNextYoungin ( Daddy Kaine)
OccupationRapper and social media personality
Net worth800 Thousand USD
Height5 ft 4 in (162 cm)
Weight61 kgs
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idppcocaine
YouTubePpcocaine inc

Ppcocaine’s Net Worth and Earnings

Ppcocaine has been on their own since graduating from high school. After high school, they used to work as an exotic dancer in one of the strip clubs of Los Angeles.

They used to earn enough to pay bills and cover expenditures from their job in the strip club.

However, they changed her career, and started rapping after being introduced to Spaindagoat.

Soon, Ppcocaine uploaded her raps on TikTok and got a great response. They became a TikTok celebrity overnight and then started uploading more and more music on it.

Their success was not confined only to TikTok as soon they even signed a deal with Columbia Records.

Currently, Ppcoacine earns more than enough from their TikTok accounts and their rap songs. They have successfully made around 800 thousand USD as their net worth.

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Ppcocaine’s Gender, Family, Parents, and Siblings

The 23 year-old rapper was born in Panorama City to an African father, Bernard, and a white mother.

Ppcocaine identifies as gender-fluid and uses the pronouns they and them.

Growing up, the parents of Ppcocaine were not together, so they grew up spending their time between Santa Clarita and Hewn Valley.

The mother of Ppococaine had many children with many baby daddies. So they were raised by their father and grandparents.

Their grandfather was in DWP while their grandmother was a nurse. They were close to their grandparents but had an entangled relationship with their father. Their father initially worked as a manager in Taco Bells but now works at an airport.

The rapper famous for their explicit raps had a troubled childhood. As a kid, they didn’t want to go to school but hated staying alone at home. So, they used to go to school, but even in school, they got bullied.

Things got worse when Ppcocaine went to a high school with more white students, who would hate them because of their African heritage.

Their crisis with identity and the bully pushed them to the edge, and they started doing drugs.

After high school, Ppcocaine worked at a strip club to earn money for drugs. However, they decided to quit drugs after facing a situation of overdose.

By now they had already quit drugs and were two months sober.

Who is Ppcocaine’s Girlfriend?

Ppcocaine uses the pronouns they and they and identify themselves as gender fluid.

They also have identified as lesbian and have shared that they have been in a relationship with three girls.

Out of the three girls, all of them have either cheated on Cocaine or jumped on them. 

Currently, Ppcocaine is in a relationship with fellow rapper and hip-hop artist NextYoungin.

They kept their relationship away from the public, and Ppcocaine even tried to hide it by mentioning that NextYoungin was only their best friend.

But after dating for more than a year in secret, they decided to reveal it to the entire world. 

Currently, the couple is dating openly and is not shy to share about their relationship.

Education and High School

Ppcocaine was raised in two different places because of the separation of their parents. So, they already had a messed up childhood and even had to face bullying in high school.

They changed three high schools before their graduation. Initially, they joined Canyon High School in Santa Clarita while staying with their father.

They then started living with their mother, so they joined Birmingham High School in San Fernando Valley.

However, they even left Birmingham and joined Golden Valley High School. They finally completed high school in Golden Valley.

Rapping Career and TikTok

Initially, Ppcocaine worked in one of the strip clubs in Los Angeles as an erotic dancer. They took some dance lessons during high school so, as soon as high school was over, they started working as an erotic dancer.

While still working in the club, they met Naya, who introduced them to the record producer Spaindagoat.

After meeting with Spaindagoat, Ppcocaine started developing an interest in music. They started rapping on the beats of the producer.

After falling in love with music and rapping, they uploaded a snippet of their song PJ on TikTok.

It became viral overnight, which boosted their confidence, and they made their official debut with the song DDLG.

After their debut song became a TikTok hit, they continued uploading more of their work.

They then released For That Cash, which became a lesbian anthem on TikTok.

Soon, they became TikTok celebrities. They received more fame than ever after their next song, 3 Musketeers, which featured NextYoungin.

With such success on TikTok, Columbia records then approached Ppcocaine with a contract.

Ppcocaine signed the contract and became turned from a TikTok star to a labeled artist.

Their songs are often quoted as explicit and even considered to surpass the WAP of Cardi B.

They are also often compared to artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Rico Nasty.

Ppcocaine has garnered a great deal of fame at a very young age, and they have continued to intensify their fame with every other new song.

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