Cancer Survivor FOX59’s Anchor Lindy Thackston’s Biography & Net Worth

The anchor of the morning news in Fox59, Lindy Thackston, is an excellent and skilled anchor who has just won over colon cancer. She has been reporting news for sixteen years with the same passion and determination.

Thackston used to co-anchor the morning news on Fox59 with Scott Jones until she was diagnosed with cancer. She fought bravely against cancer for a year, and now she is back to her show stronger than ever.

Quick Bio Summary

Popular NameLindy Thackston
Real NameLindy Thackston
Date of birthNovember 29, 1980
Age43 years old
Place of birthFrankfort, Indiana, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsOne brother
BrotherJohn Hartnett
PartnerChristian Hogue
SonNot disclosed
OccupationNews reporter and Anchor
Net worth1 Million- 5 Million USD
Height5.5 ft (162cm)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idlindythackston
FacebookLindy Thackston

Lindy Net Worth and Salary

Thackston is excellent in what she does. She has been reporting for sixteen years, which has given more than enough experience and income. 

Thackston gets around 70,000 USD as her annual salary. It has made her net worth between 1 Million to 5 Million USD.

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Lindy Thackston’s Family, Siblings, and Parents

Thackston and her husband both are private people. They have shared just enough information about their life.

Thackston is a native of Frankfort, Indiana, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. She has not let out much about her parents, but everyone knows she has a small brother named John Hartnett.

Thackston did her studies from her state and has a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting Journalism.

After graduating from college, Thackston started her journey in the TV news industry by joining the Southern Illinois television station.

It was just the beginning of her career in TV as she started getting job offers for reporters one after another. 

After working as a reporter for a while, Thackston finally landed a job as an anchor. She was the anchor for the show Daily Buzz on Versus.

Versus became a place for her to gain enough experience as an anchor. She then took that experience and joined the team of Morning news on WXIN of Fox59.

 Initially, she just helped out the team. But in 2016, she got to co-anchor with Scott Jones, and the rest is history.

Along with a great career, Thackston also has a great married life. She has been married to Christian Hogue, a crewmember of the IndyCars team, since 2014. They settled in Indianapolis after getting married and even had a son in 2015.

Everything was going great for Thackston until she was diagnosed with cancer. She went into a year-long battle against cancer and came out victorious.

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Lindy Thackston’s Husband and Relationship

Thackston has a great relationship with her husband, Christian Houge, whom she married in 2014. 

The couple already had a great understanding between them even before the cancer thing, and Thackson’s cancer just proved that. 

Throughout Thackson’s battle against cancer, Houge was always there. He was the one who used to take her for her chemo, and when she would not have the energy to go through more, he used to console her not to give up.

The disease made their relationship stronger as through the whole year of battling against cancer, Houge was always there supporting her.


Thackston is a qualified and educated person for her job. Initially, she did her schooling at Frankfort High School. Once she reached junior year, she changed her school to Christian Heritage School.

Once high school was over, Thackston joined Purdue University to study for her bachelor’s degree. She had her bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting Journalism.

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Thackston was always interested in broadcasting as she grew up listening to sports on Radio.

After graduating from college, Thackston followed her passion and joined the Southern Illinois television station. She worked there for two years before moving to Florida.

In Jacksonville, Florida, she started working for the First Coast News. She even worked as the host in 2007 for The Quest For The Cup on HDNet.

After the following year of hosting on HDNet, the American Le Man Series approached her to work as their pit lane reporter. She took the job. She was now working for the TV channel Versus, which even let her host the IndyCar series.

Soon, the Versus team became impressed by Thackson’s work and offered her the position of stand-in host for the three-hour-long entertainment show, Daily Buzz. She also went to host the East Conference In Florida.

In 2011, Thackston moved back to Indianapolis, where she hosted the IndyCar series. In 2013, she finally decided to leave Versus and start working for Fox59. 

Initially, she was just a member of the morning news on WXIN broadcasted on Fox59, but later in 2016, she got promoted to the con-anchor. Ever since then, she has been an active news anchor for Fox59.

Thackston had an active career before she had cancer. She took a year-long break from her profession for her treatment which involved many repeated radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and even multiple surgeries. But none of these were able to stop her from continuing her passion.

Thackston battled bravely and became cancer-free in April 2021. After winning her disease, she announced through her Facebook that she would be back at her work. 

But since her doctor has suggested taking it lightly, she will be doing it only from 6 to 7 am. However, she plans to increase this to two hours, then finally three hours, and get back to her old time.

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Fighting cancer

Thackston was diagnosed with third-stage colon cancer in 2020. She did not know she had cancer but used to get stomach cramps, frequent lower back pain, and bloody stool. 

She did not think much of these until she was on vacation with her husband, and he pointed out that she looked way more tired than she should be.

After this confrontation, Thackston decided to visit the doctor. The doctor found some inflammation and suggested she get a colonoscopy.

She booked a date for it, but soon the pandemic hit. Her appointment got canceled three times. After the third time, she finally got the screening done.

When the result came out, it was not good for her. Her test showed cancer, and the year-long treatment got started.

During the treatment, she got fifteen rounds of radiation therapy before starting her chemotherapy.

The therapies were already hard enough for her. She even had to go through bowel blockage and tachycardia during her treatment.

When these were under control, she went through surgery to remove her tumor. The doctors removed the tumor, but it caused some internal bleeding. 

They had to perform another surgery to stop this bleeding. Once the surgery was over, Thackston had to go back to more chemotherapies.

She was so exhausted that her body could not take anymore. If all these were not hard already, she had more complications, and her gallbladder was removed.

Through the one-year-long treatment, Thackston went through fifteen surgeries and many rounds of radio and chemotherapy. But she fought her cancer head-on and became cancer-free in April 2021.

Awards and achievements

Winning a year-long battle against cancer is the greatest accomplishment of Thackstone to this date. But the brave cancer survivor has other awards and achievements too.

Thackston was awarded twice with Edward R. Murrow and once with a Gannett Award for her extraordinary work to cover news on date-rape drugs.

Even after battling cancer, Thackston continues to move forward to help other cancer patients. After her recovery, she launched a podcast where she talks about her cancer journey and shares stories of her recovery.

Thackston’s journeys, both before and after cancer, are inspirational to many.

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