Sprinter Josephus Lyles – Net Worth, Biography, & Girlfriend

When the dates for the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics got released, many star athletes started trying their luck to be on the national team. Some showed great performances during the Olympic trials and got selected, while others lost the opportunity by an inch. Josephus Lyles is also one of the athletes who gave their best but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the national team. 

Lyles is a skilled American sprinter who is the 2014 World Junior Champion. He, along with his brother Noah, are among a few of the fastest sprinters in the USA. Both Lyles brothers took part in the Olympic trials in Oregon, but only Noah made it to the USA team competing in the ongoing Olympics.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameJosephus Lyles
Real NameJosephus Lyles
Date of birthJuly 22, 1998
Age25 years old
Place of birthGainesville, Florida, USA
FatherKevin Lyles
MotherKeisha Caine
BrotherNoah Lyes
SisterAbby Lyes
OccupationProfessional sprinter
Net worth1 Million – 4 Million USD
Height6.2 ft (188 cm)
Weight84 kgs
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Instagram idjosephus_lyles

Josephus Lyles’ Net Worth

Lyles has a decent career. He has participated in many games and even has won several medals. 

His successful career has earned him fame as well as money. The skilled sprinter has around 1 Million to 4 Million USD as his net worth.

Physical measurements

The 25 year-old track and field athlete has been running the 200m and 400m races ever since the start of his career. 

All the sweat that he shreds on the track has made his body muscular and toned. Lyle has a well-built body with a great height of 6.2 ft. 

His games also require him to be light and swift, so he has maintained his weight at 84 kgs. 

Josephus Personal Life And Family

Josephus was born in Gainesville in Florida but grew up in a different state. He grew up in Alexandria in Virginia, along with his brother and sister.

He belonged to an athletic family, where both of his parents were track and field athletes during their college days at Seton Hall University.

His parents influenced him and his elder brother, Noah, a lot. It was because of their parents that both Lyles and his brother Noah got into field and track.

Both brothers started their careers as sprinters in high school. They represented their high school in many games and even won many medals.

They were high school stars and were planning to enroll at the University of Florida. However, Adidas approached them to skip their prep career and directly play professionally.

The brothers were ready to start college, but the US Olympic Team convinced them for a professional career. 

Both Josephus and his brother Noah then signed an eight-year contract with Adidas. But before signing the contract, their mother kept conditions that Adidas has to pay for their college tuition and chaperone them until they are twenty-one.

Adidas accepted all the conditions and both brothers became professional sprinters in 2016.

After starting their professional careers, both Josephus and Noah competed in many more games. Many times, they even competed against each other.

Besides having a great career, Josephus also has a healthy family life. His parents are not together, and both have married other people. But still, they have a mutual understanding when it comes to their children.

Keisha raised all the children by herself, but Josephus and his siblings are still on good terms with their father.

Josephus Lyles’ Girlfriend and Relationship

Lyles has maintained privacy around his dating life. So, no one knows if he is single or dating someone.


Josephus and his family moved to Alexandria in Virginia from Florida when he was still a kid. So, he attended the T.C. Williams High School located in his locality.

After high school, Josephus planned to enroll at the University of Florida. Instead, he started his professional career just before one week of college and couldn’t graduate.


Josephus started his career as a sprinter during his early days when he was in high school. His parents were former sprinters, and his one-year older brother, Noah, also is a professional sprinter.

His brother, Noah, the current World Champion in 200 m, inspired him the most. Noah was already a sprinter with many medals and titles. He was the gold medalist in the Youth Olympic Games held in China and even had the record for the USA Indoor Championship in 300m.

Josephus also followed the footsteps of his brother. He competed in the World Junior Championship in the relay and won a gold in it.

He continued showing his skills by winning a silver in the 400m and a bronze in 200m during the World Youth Championship in 2015.

Josephus had planned to enroll in the University of Florida, where his brother was already a freshman playing for the Florida gators. But Adidas approached both Josephus and Noah for a professional career.

At that time, their mother made it clear that either both of them will be professional players or they will continue their college. So both Josephus and Noah decided to start their professional career.

The brother then participated in many games and even competed in many games against each other. 

Just last year, both of them took part in the Diamond League. Noah won the game with a time of 19.76 seconds.

It was not the first or last time they competed against each other. The brother competed before during the 2016 Olympic trials. However, Josephus could not make it because of an injury of the quadriceps, and Noah came in fourth place.

Josephus and Noah again competed just recently in the Olympic trials for the ongoing 2020 Olympics. However, Noah secured his place in the USA Olympic team by winning first place, but Josephus did not get qualified.