Joseph Burkett’s Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Joseph Burkett is a defense contractor of the US government famous for being the significant half of the South African journalist, Lara Logan.

Logan worked for CBS News as its chief foreign affairs correspondent for sixteen years before moving to Fox News. She has covered many events in the Middle East as a journalist and war correspondent. During her career, she has also faced several unfortunate incidents.

Despite all the hardships and struggles, Burkett was always beside his wife, whom he met working in Afghanistan. Like his wife, he also worked to serve his nation. He worked as the national guard in the Texas army for nine straight years.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameJoseph Burkett
Real NameJoseph Burkett
Date of birth1971
Age53 years old
Place of birthTexas, USA
HometownTexas, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseLara Logan
SonJoseph Washinton Burkett V
DaughterLola Burkett 
OccupationCivil Servant
Net worthUnknown
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Joseph Net Worth

Burkett has served in the army for nine years and even was active in Afghanistan.

He is not in the army anymore, but he still works for the government. 

So, it is a no-brainer that he still has decent earnings, though no one knows the exact amount of his net worth.

Joseph’s Family

Burkett has maintained utmost privacy about his family and personal life.

So, no one knows about the exact location or the family where he was born and grew up.

However, everyone only knows that he is a real hero from Texas.

In one of the incidents, Burkett risked his life to save a woman in the railway tracks of Washington DC.

A reporter for the Washington Post was also in the railway station and witnessed the whole incident and later tracked Burkett down to write an article on him.

Later, Burkett received a medal for his bravery and for saving the life of someone.

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Joseph’s Wife and Relationship

The former Army officer was previously married to his first wife, Amberly. 

Despite having a daughter together with his first wife, his marriage was trembling.

He had a problematic relationship with his first wife, where she constantly asked for a divorce.

Burkett initially did not give the divorce but later decided to give in. So, he divorced his wife in January of 2008.

He was dealing with hardships in his first marriage when he met his current wife, Lara Logan.

During their first encounter, Burkett had problems in his first marriage, and Logan was a divorcee. Logan was previously married to the professional basketball player Jason Siemon.

Both Burkett and Logan met in Afghanistan and found comfort in each other. The two dated for a few months before tying the knot in November 2008. 

A month after the marriage, the couple welcomed their son Joseph V. They later gave birth to their adorable daughter Lola in 2010.

While Burkett is a defense contractor, Logan is active as a TV and radio journalist. She is also a war correspondent who has covered many international events and has gone through disturbing events.

On one occasion, when she was covering the Egyptian revolution for CBS news, she was handcuffed by the Egyptian army.

The army sexually assaulted her and then dragged her after beating her. They even tore her clothes and pictures of her. All this happened after the batter of her camera went out.

Fortunately, some women who were nearby saved her. She got sent back to the USA the next day, where she spent the following four days in the hospital.

Despite all these, Logan never gave up her passion for journalism. She continued her career as a journalist and worked for CBS news till 2018.

After 2018, she joined the Sinclair Broadcast Group before joining Fox News to host Lara Logan has No Agenda.

Logan is still active in her career and has all the support from her husband, Burkett. It has already been more than thirteen years of marriage, but the couple still has a great bond.

In one of their interviews, they shared that the secret to their happy life is that they do not talk about work with each other.


Like his family background, he has also yet to share his academic qualification.

Because he did not share any details about the educational institutions, no one knows anything about his educational background.


Burkett has not shared complete details about his career. However, he has shared that he worked for the Texas Army for nine straight years.

He also shared that he even got stationed in Afghanistan during his career, where he met his current wife.

Because of his bravery and wittiness, he later got the chance to work for the Pentagon as its private intelligence officer.

Currently, he works directly for the federal government body of the USA as a defense contractor.