Jim Pohald’s Net Worth, Age, Wife, & Children

Jim Pohlad is a baseball executive in the United States and is well known for running the Minnesota Twins. Moreover, he is listed amongst the richest personnel in Minnesota.

Jim Pohlad Net Worth

His father’s business empire was divided among Jim and his brothers Bob and Bill with Jim owning the baseball team, which is now one of Pohlad’s most visible properties. The estimated net worth of Jim Pohlad is an astounding value of $3.8 Billion USD.

Jim Pohlad’s Age and Biography

Jim Pohlad, originally James Pohlad,  was born in 1953 in the United States and is 71 years old in 2024. The Minnesota Twins of the American League is owned by James Pohlad. In January 2009, his father passed away and he inherited the Twins franchise.

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Jim Pohlad’s Family, Parents, and Siblings

Jim is the eldest son of Carl Pohlad with his wife Mary Eloise O’Rourke Pohlad. Carl Pohlad is a businessman who made his fortune in banking before diversifying into other sectors, including a stake in the Minnesota Twins. The Pohlad family also has involvement in the automotive, entertainment, and real estate sectors. 

Additionally, Jim has two brothers Bob Pohlad (Born in 1954) and Bill Pohlad (born in 1956). His brother Bill Pohlad is a well-established film producer and director while his other brother Bob is involved in bottling, automotive as well as real estate services. Moreover, before PepsiCo bought the bottler in 2010, Jim’s brother Bob was chairman and CEO of the family’s PepsiAmericas Inc. In March 2015, Bob was appointed a director of PepsiCo.

In addition to this, the three Pohlad brothers are also involved in the Pohlad Family Foundation. Jim further supports several non-profit organizations such as Greater Twin Cities United Way, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis Foundation, the Melrose Institute and the Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce,  with an intention to make philanthropic efforts.

Jim Pohlad’s Wife, Ex-Wife, and Children

Jim and his wife, Donna, have six adult children and live in Minneapolis, among which the three children are from his previous marriage with his ex-wife. Jim equally treasures his sons and daughter but not much has been revealed about the whereabouts of his beloved children. He currently lives in his house in Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun neighborhood.


As regards to his educational background, Jim Pholad attended the University of Southern California, the first private research university founded in the state of California and graduated with a degree in accounting. Besides this, he also has a number of academic credits and honors including being one of the first nodes of the ARPANET where people can achieve VoIP, image compression, and DNA computing. In addition to this, Jim has excellent accounting knowledge and is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

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Professional Career as a Businessman

After graduating from the University, Jim started his career in public accounting. He started working for the family business in 1979 and has also worked for Marquette Financial Companies.

Aside from his duties as president for the Minnesota Twins and Twins Sports Inc. Jim Pohlad is also president for United Properties, the Pohlad Family Investment Group, and the Twins Sports Inc. Moreover, he serves on several MLB commissions.