Roger Penske’s Eldest Son Gregory Penske – Wife, Net Worth, & Family

The CEO and chairman of the Penske Motor Group, Gregory Penske, is the second eldest son of Roger Penske, a businessman and auto race professional. Roger Penske is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the USA, but this has never overshadowed his son Gregory Penske. Gregory is successfully operating the Penske Motor Group. The Penske Motor Group is the owner and dealer of renowned cars like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Lexus.

Gregory Penske is the youngest car dealer in the USA, who owned his dealership in Bakersfield at the young age of twenty-two. As his father owned many cars and racetracks, Gregory spent most of his time around cars. He had gained enough experience from his father and elder and later added more to it by working for Bill Piercey in his Cadillac Agency.

Biography & Wiki Summary

Popular NameGreg Penske
Real NameGregory W Penske
Date of birth1962
Age62 years old
Place of birth
FatherRoger Searle Penske
MotherLissa Penske
Step-motherKathy Penske
BrothersRoger Jr Penske, Mar Penske and 
Jay Penske
SistersBlair Penske
OccupationBusinessman, Entrepreneur, and CEO
Net worthNot disclosed
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown

Gregory Penske Net Worth

Gregory is the CEO of the multibillion-dollar Penske Motor group. It is more than enough to bring his net worth to millions of USD.

Aside from this, he is also one of the heirs of the enormous inheritance of his father. 

So, even though the exact number has not been out about his net worth, it’s safe to assume that he is already a millionaire.

Gregor Penske Family, Parents, Siblings, and Other Details

Gregor is the second eldest son of the business tycoon and former car racer Roger Penske and his first wife, Lissa Penske. Gregor also has an elder brother named Roger Jr.

Besides Roger Jr, Gregory also has two half brothers, Mark and Jay, and one half-sister Blair from his father’s second marriage to Kathy Penske.

Gregory, along with his brother, has been looking after their father’s business. They work in one of his firms for three years and then exchange their posts in the companies.

In the present day, Gregory is the CEO and chairman of the Penske Motor Group, and his elder brother Roger Jr. holds the post of the president of Roger Penske Automotive.

Roger prepared both of his boys from an early age to take care of cars and his companies. Even when Gregory was just in college, he was determined to have his dealership by twenty-five. However, he achieved his goal three years before the date he had given himself.

His father, Regor, was a professional car racer while his eldest son Roger Jr too raced Super Vees. 

However, this was the only thing that did not pass into Gregory. He loved cars and worked his whole life around them but was never into racing.

Instead, he was more interested in soccer and lacrosse and was even good at them. He was so into these games that while playing lacrosse, he played as an All-American midfielder, and while playing soccer, he played as an All-American striker.

He was a star player during his college days but did not continue. He was more focused on dealerships and running the company that his father owned.

He got his degree in business management and even worked for Chevrolet and Cadillac to gain more experience. 

With all those experiences and his hard work, he turned the Penske Motor Group and other companies owned by his father into award-winning companies.

Gregory Penske Wife and Relationship

Gregory is happily married to his wife, Patricia Penske. He has not shared much about their relationship.

But the couple seems as happy as ever in many photos taken during their outings.

Currently, the couple is living with their two adorable children in their home in Santa Monica.

Education and University

Gregor has an excellent educational background. It added to his lifelong experiences with cars and led him to his massive success.

He did his schooling at Episcopal Academy, a private school in Philadelphia. After completing school, he moved to New York for college.

He went to Cornell University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business management.

He also attended Kettering University, previously known as General Motor Institute, to become more capable and experienced in the automotive sector.


Gregory was born and raised under the shadow of his racer father and brother. So, from his early childhood, he was interested in cars and even spent most of his time around the cars and race tracks that his father owned.

He was determined to start building a business career like his father before he was twenty-five by owning his dealership. He already started to work to meet his dream when he was in college.

During college, he worked for Bill Piercey. Piercey later offered him a job at this Cadillac Agency after he graduated.

It was an opportunity for Gregory to gain more experience. He shared that he enjoyed reading the financial statements as if they were some great books.

 While working there, he came across a dealership opening in Bakersfield. After inquiring, he brought it by spending all his savings along with some loan.

He was just twenty-two years old when he had achieved his dream of owning a dealership.

He ran the dealership for two years before transferring to Longo Toyota as its general sales manager.

After working for a few years, he got appointed in Penske Motorsports, Inc as its president.

However, Roger wished that both of his sons should know about all of his companies. So, Roger transferred Gregory as the new CEO and chairman of his other company Penske Motor Group and appointed his eldest son as the president of Penske Motorsports.

Besides working for his father, Gregory also was involved in other engagements. He was a member of many other famous organizations in the USA like the South Carolina Committee for Olympic Games, Los Angeles Sports Council, etc.

Awards and Achievements

Gregory has a very long and extraordinary career as a businessman and entrepreneur. He not only took the companies his father owned to a whole different level but also proved himself.

For his extraordinary career and leadership, he got awarded the Toyota President Award eleven times.

In 1994, Automotive News also named him the Dealer of the Year. Again in 1997, he received the Young Leadership & Excellence Award.

In 2015, Gregory was again in the limelight for being one of the highest-rated CEOs in the list published by Glassdoor.