Gabo Saturno’s Biography, Net Worth, Wife, and Calisthenics Journey


Gabriele Saturno Di Remigio, popularly known as Gaby Saturno, is a prominent figure in the calisthenics world.

He is the founder of Saturno Movement, an online fitness platform that teaches calisthenics and yoga. He has been doing calisthenics and yoga since 2014.

His journey towards fitness has not only transformed his own life but has also inspired hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

Early Life

Gaby Saturno’s early life experiences shaped his journey towards wellness.

The 32-year-old was born on March 16, 1992, in Caracas, Venezuela.

He studied at Colegio Claret in Caracas.

He grew up watching his uncle exercise regularly. So, fitness and exercise caught his attention from an early age.

When he was 17 years old, he moved to Canada from Caracas, Venezuela for one year to study English.

He then returned to Venezuela for a couple of months and moved to Miami when he was almost 19 years old. He studied sound engineering at SAE Miami and wanted to become a DJ.

He has been staying in Miami since then. He currently lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

He first tasted ecstasy while attending the Ultra Music Festival and then became a drug addict for a couple of years. He regularly smoked one and a half packets of cigarettes every single day.

Despite facing challenges, including chronic anxiety due to substance abuse in his 20s, Gaby found solace in practices like yoga and calisthenics.

He started his calisthenics journey when he was 22-23 years old.

Fast forward to a decade later, these transformative experiences laid the foundation for his career as a fitness coach and calisthenics instructor.

Is Gabriele Saturno Married?

Gabriele was a married man but he and his ex-wife got separated in 2022 by mutual agreement.

He got married to her in 2019.

In 2019, he got a document from immigration that he would have to leave the USA within 60 days or else he would be deported. So, he got married to her immediately, but the relationship did not work out and the couple decided to part ways after three years.

Who is His Girlfriend Now?

He has been dating fitness influencer Karina Wong since 2023. The couple posts photos and videos of them working out together on Instagram

Karina Wong is from Mexico and she shifted to the USA recently to stay together with Gabo.

Net Worth

Although his exact net worth is not revealed, we estimate that he has a net worth of $800,000.

Being a trainer and the founder of the Saturno Movement, he has been earning quite a decent sum of money.

His online presence on YouTube and Instagram has helped him earn quite a huge sum of money.

Calisthenics Career and His Company Saturno Movement

From the very start of his professional career, he has dedicated himself fully to exercise and fitness-related work.

As the founder of Saturno Movement, he shares his expertise and workout routines with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. His focus on calisthenics has garnered widespread acclaim, positioning him as a popular figure in the fitness industry.

Through Saturno Movement, he provides training and information about bodyweight training, calisthenics, yoga, meditations, general fitness, hand-balancing, and movement mastery.

He provides training on general mobility, workouts without equipment, morning flows, cosmic flows, daily fundamentals, primal movement, breathwork, planche, front lever, handstand press, L sit and V sit, and so on.

Saturno Movement has a membership priced at USD 33.97 for a monthly subscription and USD 333 for a yearly subscription.

Now he has a business partner named Yassir Khrichef. He says Yassir is his best friend.

He has also worked with Chris Heria in ThenX but he no longer works there.

Why Did He Leave ThenX?

Previously, he worked as the Vice President of Content at

He mentioned in an interview that, he did not leave ThenX but the company let him go. It probably could be because of his own brand Saturno Movement. Although he seems a bit bitter about that, he claims he has no hard feelings towards Chris Heria, Osvaldo Lugones, and the ThenX family.

Family Details

While information about Gaby Saturno’s family is limited, it is known that he has been based in Miami, Florida, for over a decade.

He has hinted that he used to create videos from his parent’s backyard when he started YouTube. So, it seems like his parents also moved to Miami from Caracas, Venezuela years ago.

How Tall is Gabby Saturno?

He is 5 feet 8.5 inches (175cm) tall. He has revealed his height in a TikTok video and also on an Instagram post

He weighs about 148 – 150 lbs currently.

Other Details

Is he a Vegan?

No, Gabriele Saturno is not a vegan or vegetarian. He intakes ketogenic food. He regularly eats meat (mostly fish), vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil and avocado.