Apollo Fitzgerald | Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Apollo Fitzgerald is the second son of the renowned NFL star Larry Fitzgerald Jr. and his former girlfriend, Melissa Blakesley. His parents dated for about a decade and even raised him together before parting their ways last year. 

Apollo is the perfect blend of both of his parents and has received his looks from his parents. There is also much anticipation from him that he will follow in the footsteps of his father.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameApollo Fitzgerald
Real NameApollo Fitzgerald
Date of birthApril 13, 2013
Age11 years old
Place of birthUSA
FatherLarry Fitzgerald Jr.
MotherMelissa Blakesley
Half- brothersDarion Dylan Blakesley and
Devin Fitzgerald
Net worth50 Million USD
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idapollofitzgerald11

Apollo’s Net Worth

Apollo is still a kid, so he doesn’t have any sources of income.

However, he is the son of the NFL player, Larry Fitzgerald Jr., who has earned a great deal of fortune and has around 50 Million USD as net worth. 

So, because of his father, his net worth can also be considered the same.

Apollo Personal Life and Family

Apollo is the younger son of the co-owner of the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, Larry Fitzgerald Jr., and his ex-girlfriend of more than ten years, Melissa Blakesley.

While his father is a successful NFL star with plenty of venture investment in more than forty companies and even runs two charity funds, nothing much is out about his mother.

His parents first met in 2010 and dated till last year before calling it quits.

Despite dating for so long and even having Apollo, they never got engaged, let alone married. However, they did raise Apollo together.

No one knows for sure why they parted ways, but after the breakup, Melissa threw shade at her ex-boyfriend and called him toxic.

Even before having Apollo, Larry had a relationship with former cheerleader of Oakland Raiders, Angela Nazario. 

Larry had a son named Devin with Angela before he was with Melissa. Even this relationship with Larry ended in an ugly way.

The couple dated for only two years despite Angela being fifteen years older than Larry. The relationship was going great initially until Angela accused Larry of domestic violence. She even got protection against him after many court visits.

The relationship ended quickly after this, but Larry still kept his connections with his elder son, Devin.

Because of Larry, Apollo became close to his half-brother, Devin. The two brothers can be seen together in many pictures with their old man.

Besides Devin, Apollo also has a half-brother from his mother’s previous relationship. 

His mother has a fully grown-up elder son named Darion Dylan Blakesley. To this day, she has not revealed the name of the father of her first son.

Currently, Apollo is living a happy life with his mother, Melissa, and his half-brother, Darion.


Apollo is just a 11 year-old kid so he is way too young to be dating anyone right now.

But we are pretty sure he will have tons of opportunities to date as he grows up.


Melissa has not shared anything about how she is providing education to her son, Apollo. So, no one knows if he is in school or has private lessons at home.

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It is still too early to guess what Apollo would choose as a career as he is still a kid.

He might end up playing football like his old man or playing both football and basketball like his older brother, Devin. He might even end up becoming an engineer like his other older brother, Darion.

There are also equal chances that he might develop his interests and hobbies. He can also try his career out in some other fields.