Sukey Garcetti | Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Sukey Garcetti is the wife of the former District Attorney of LA County Gill Garcetti, who came into the limelight for his involvement in high-profile prosecutions like the one of O.J. Simpson. Besides Simpson, Gill also looked after the cases of other celebrities like Michael Jackson and Lyle Menedez.

Sukey is also the mother of  Eric Garcetti. Eric has been looking after LA as its mayor since 2013. He is the youngest person in 100 years to become the mayor of LA. He is also the first Jewish ever elected as the mayor of LA.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameSukey Garcetti
Real NameSukey Garcetti
Date of birthFebruary 4, 1960
Age64 years old
Place of birthUSA
FatherHarry Roth
SpouseGill Garcetti
DaughterGana Garcetti
SonEric Michael Garcetti
Net worth900 Thousand USD
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown

Suckey Net Worth

Though the amount is still unknown, Sukey had her share of a fortune that she received from her parents. She was also the executive director of the Roth family foundation.

Besides her earnings, Sukey also has an additional net worth of 900 thousand USD by association with her husband.

Sukey Personal Life And Family

Sukey was born Sukey Roth to her Russian Jewish family of immigrants.

Her father established their family in the USA by founding the clothing brand Louis Roth, which is still in function.

Sukey grew up in a Jewish household, so she passed down the same upbringing to her children.

Though she has not shared much about her personal life, her son, Eric Garcetti, shared that he got raised with Jewish beliefs.

She sent her son to a Jewish camp in his childhood. She also celebrated Jewish festivals and holidays like Passover, Chanukah with her family.

Her son, Eric, grew up to be the first Jewish mayor of LA. 

Eric is the current mayor of LA who has held office since 2013. He is a Democrat, whom President Biden has nominated for the ambassador to India.

Before entering politics as a politician and diplomat, Eric was a Ph.D. holder in ethnicity and nationalism.

He also worked in Occidental College, an assistant professor of diplomacy and world affairs.

He was also active at the University of Southern California as a visiting instructor.

After working in the universities, he left his previous job and followed his father, Gill Garcetti, the two-time District Attorney of LA.

While the son of Sukey joined politics, her daughter Gana continued the precious profession of her father.

Like her father, she aimed for the District Attorney Office in LA and became its Deputy District Attorney. However, she left her career as an attorney and became an acupuncturist.

Besides her son and daughter, Sukey also has a talented daughter-in-law named Amy Wakeland, whom her son met during his days in Queen college in Oxford.

Like her son, her daughter-in-law, Amy, is also a former Rhodes scholar. However, Amy has followed the footsteps of Sukey.

Like Sukey, Amy also works as a philanthropist and social activist. She works with a non-profit organization and advocates for homeless people.

Amy has also adopted a daughter with her husband, whom they have named Maya. The couple has also fostered seven more children with the help of her husband.

Currently, Sukey has a great life with her family where everyone is working for society.

Sukey Husband and Relationship

Sukey has been married to her husband Gill Garcetti since 25th September of 1963. The couple was still students at the University of Columbia while they got married.

Sukey’s husband, Gill, is a lawyer and politician of Mexican-American descent. During his young days, he worked at the office of District Attorney for decades as a trial attorney before standing in the election for the District Attorney.

He got accepted in the post of District Attorney in Los Angeles twice. During this time, he looked over many cases of celebrities, including the one with O.J. Simpson. To this day, Gill feels sad for not being able to prove that Simpson was guilty.

Besides his involvement in law, Gill is also a passionate photographer and has published around seven books on photography.

Despite being in the law and enforcement sector, his love for photography has remained the same. And so is his love for his wife, Sukey.

Sukey and Gill have been married for fifty-eight and have two children together. Their eldest child is their daughter, Gana, and their youngest child is their son, Eric.


Sukey has not shared any details when it comes to her educational qualification. 

But since she got married to her husband while studying at the University of Columbia, it is safe to assume that she is a graduate.

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No one knows anything about the early career of Sukey as it never got disclosed to the public.

However, later it got revealed that she was the former executive director of the Roth family foundation. Through her foundation, she worked for the social justice and reproductive rights of women.

Besides the foundation, Sukey has also been with Reed College since 2009 as its Emerita Trustee.