Dokken’s Legendary Drummer Wild Mick Brown – Get to Know Him in Detail!

Wild Mick Brown is the famous drummer of the legendary pop-metal band, Dokken. He is one of the founding members of the band, who established the band in 1979. He is also a member of the heavy metal band T&N, along with his bandmates from Dokken. The band is famous for the songs When Eagles Die, Rhythm Of The Souls, etc.

The 67 year old Brown has been passionate about drums ever since he was just eight years old. He even was the disciple of the renowned drummer of the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameWild Mick Brown
Real NameMichael J. Brown
Date of birthSeptember 8, 1956
Age67 years old
Place of birthSan Mateo County, California
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
BrotherSteve brown
Net worth18 Million USD
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBrown
Instagram IDwildmickbrown

Wild Mick’s Net Worth

Brown has been active as a drummer and occasional vocalist in the music industry since 1975. He performed with many bands and toured different places until he retired from live music and tours in 2019.

Before his retirement, Brown had earned more than enough fortune and is still making money. All these add up to make his net worth 18 Million USD.

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Wild Mick’s Family, Parents, and Personal Life

Brown has maintained privacy when it comes to his family. So, nothing much is out about them except that his family lives in Southern California, and he has a small brother, Steve Brown. When Brown retired in 2019, his brother Steve took his place and played in the band.

Until 2019, Brown had a career following his passion for drumming.

Initially, he tried to play the saxophone when he was just five after watching it on TV but failed.

So, at the age of seven, he moved to play the guitar. He even took lessons for it. But because of his tiny hands, he couldn’t continue. 

One day he saw the Beatles performing, and that’s when he thought that he could play the drums and would not even have to face the audience.

He was just eight years old, but he knew what he wanted to do. So, his parents took him to Mickey Hart to get drum lessons on his birthday.

He learned from Hart for two years until he was ten. But one day, when he went to visit him, he had already left to join the Grateful Dead.

By the time Hart left, Brown was already a skilled drummer. People started recruiting him in their bands.

He played in different bands until forming the Dokken. Though Dokken has many members, Brown and George Lynch met each other at first.

Brown was taking audiences for his glitter band, and Lynch happened to be auditioning. Both lived nearby, so they naturally formed a great bond together.

They then formed Dokken with Don Dokken and Jeff Pilson, and the rest is history.

Brown had an exciting life during his career. He used to travel places and has traveled to many places with his band. 

When not traveling, he is busy with his PlayStation. He might be in his mid-sixties, but he has not given up his playfulness.

The musician is passionate about video games, and anyone who interrupts it falls on his wrong side.

Maybe it’s because of his young heart he has always been brutally honest and not scared of anything. He says what is on his mind without caring who is in front of him.

His fans loved his bold and courageous nature and gave him the nickname Wild Mick.

Wild Mick Girlfriend and Relationship

The 67 years old drummer is still a bachelor to this day.

He has neither married nor has any children. He has been enjoying his single life to the fullest, and there is no sign that he will be settling anytime soon.


Brown started his career when he was just ten years old by playing in different bands. So after he passed high school, he didn’t go to college. Instead, he formed the famous Dokken.


Brown started his career when he was just ten years old. He had been taking lessons with the legendary drummer Mickey Hart since he was eight. By the time Hart left, Brown could play the drums like an expert. So, he joined a rock & roll band when he was just in school.

Ince, he graduated from high school, he joined the band The Boyz and performed with them for two years.

After two years, he left the band to join the Xciter in 1977. He was with them since 1981

While still performing for Xciter, he had formed his band with George Lynch, Don Dokken, and Jeff Pilson.

Initially, he performed as a bandmate with Don Dokken, but later Dokken became the owner as he was the only one who signed a deal with Carrere Records.

Though he was now getting paid for playing in the band, he still enjoyed what he was doing. However, he formed another band T&N with other members of the Dokken and continued playing in both.

Brown also managed to perform for Ted Nugent on the Unleash the Beast and Mid-west Rock-n-Roll Express tour. Nugent came to know about Brown through his lightning designer Will Twork, who recommended Brown to him.

After listening to Twork, Nugent approached Brown to perform for him, and Brown accepted the proposal.

While all this was going on, Brown also formed a solo band, The BournBorn Ballet, where he featured the vocalist of Tunnel, Scott Hammons.

He was performing with his bands as well as solo and was moving from place to place. 

However, in 2019, he announced that he wanted a break from all the traveling because of his health issues. So, he took his retirement from tours and stage performances.


Brown was all over the news after he stole and drove a golf cart in the streets of Bangor. He had just finished performing with Ted Nugent when he got drunk and took the cart.

Brown was initially declared not guilty, but because of the involvement of the DUI, he pleaded guilty. As a punishment, his driving privileges got banned for 3 months, and he had to pay 1000 USD.

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