Tana Mundkowsky (Brandon Flowers’ Wife) Bio, Age, Wiki, Sons, Illness, Profession, & Net Worth

Who is Tana Mundkowsky?

Tana Mundkowsky is the wife of Brandon Flowers, an American singer, songwriter, keyboardist and musician of the Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers.

Tana suffered from complex post-traumatic stress disorder that frequently gave her suicidal thoughts. Due to this, Brandon Flowers had to cancel his second album tour in 2015. Brandon has written songs as tribute to her and has mentioned the struggle of his wife Tana in several of his songs including Some Kind of Love.

Find out Brandon Flowers’ wife Tana Mundkowsky’s biography, net worth, salary, height, age, relationship, husband, family, residence, illness, education, hobbies, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Tana Mundkowsky’s Age, Bio and Personal Information

Birth Name Tana Mundkowsky
Nickname Tana
Birthday 1982
Birthplace America
Age 41 years old
Profession Fashion Designer and manager
Nationality American
Religion Mormonism
Race/ethnicity White

How old is Tana Mundkowsky?

Tana Mundkowsky is currently 41 years old. She is one year younger than her husband Brandon Flowers but her exact birthday is unknown.

Where is Tana Mundkowsky from? Is she Polish?

Tana Mundkowsky was born in America. Tana is an American by her nationality and there is no information or evidence of Tana being Polish.

Profession and Net Worth

Profession Fashion Designer and manager,
School Teacher
Past Jobs Fashion Designer for Betsey Johnson,
Former Manager at Urban Outfitters
Known for Being the Wife of Brandon Flowers (Singer of Killers Rock Band)
Net worth $ 20 million (Her husband Brandon Flowers’ Net Worth)
House/Current Residence Las Vegas, Nevada

Tana Mundkowsky Flowers Illness

In August of 2015, Brandon had to cancel his solo concerts because his wife Tana Flowers was badly suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She suffered from this complex PTSD because of several events that could have happened to her in the part in her childhood.

Brandon said, his wife started suffering in her thirties and there were no signs of it before that. Las Vegas reminded her of something else and scary that triggered her illness. Due to this reason, Tana requested Brandon to move away to somewhere else from Las Vegas and he agreed and the family moved to Utah, the hometown of Brandon. He said he understood what she was going through by trying to dissect it in his songs.

What happened to Tana Mundkowsky? Is T. Mundkowsky dead or alive?

Tana Mundkowsky suffered from mental health issue – complex PTSD which gave her suicidal thoughts. As Brandon and their entire family has moved to Park City, Utah, Tana is now at a much better condition.

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Tana is a Devout Mormon

Tana Mundkowsky follows Mormonism and she attends The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints along with her husband Brandon and kids. The church has showcased Tana and her family in its promotional video on its website.

She turned into Mormon after reading the book of Mormon. Even her eldest child Ammon is named after a Mormom missionary book. And we assume her other two sons’ names are also influenced by Mormonism.

Tana’s Relationship and Wedding with Husband Brandon

Marital status Married
Sexuality Straight
Affair/Ex-Boyfriend NA
Husband Brandon Richard
Wedding Date August 2, 2005
Wedding Place O’ahu, Hawaii
Current Relationship Brandon Richard Flowers

Tana and Brandon met at the Buffalo Exchange thrift store on Flamingo Road of Las Vegas in 2001. The Killers’ vocalist Brandon had just started his career and was on the store for buying outfits for his band’s first ever show. Brandon was on the store with his bandmate Dave when he saw a lady wearing a Bootlet Joy Mickey Mouse t-shirt with a pink trench coat. He then wen to her and talked to her and got her number. That girl was Tana.

Tana and Brandon dated for four years before finally deciding to settle down in 2005. They dated for four years and finally decided to settle down. Brandon Richard Flowers and Tana Munkowsky wed on August 2, 3005 in O’ahu, Hawaii.

Her Three Sons and Family

Children 3
Sons Ammon Flowers
16 years old
Gunnar Flowers
14 years old
Henry Flowers
DateCounter error: format attribute is required. years old
Daughters No
Father NA
Mother NA

Tana and Brandon used to live in their house in Henderson which is 10 miles away from Las Vegas. The couple lived there with their children and two dogs. Their eldest son Ammon Flowers is now 16 years old, the middle child Gunnar Flowers is DateCounter startDate=”2009-07-28″ endDate=”now” format=”Years”] years old and their youngest son Henry Flowers is DateCounter error: format attribute is required. years old. The family has a husky named Nikita and a poodle.


But, they moved to Park City in Utah in 2018 because Tana did not want to live in Las Vegas. Brandon explained,

“It’s just that my wife just has to get out of Las Vegas. It’s nothing against this town, specifically, it’s just that her experience here with her family is the opposite of mine.”

There is no information about Tana Mundkowsky’s parents – her mother and father.

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Brandon and Tana Flowers Home in Las Vegas

Brandon’s 8,300-square-foot mansion was located on Pinto Lane which is about 10 miles away from Las Vegas. He bought the home in 2010 for $3.99 million and spent nearly $2 million on its renovations. He listed the home for sale in 2017 for $4.95 million.

Their residence has six bedrooms, a fitness center, a library, living rooms, dining room, and pool, private courtyard, and two-storeyed guest house. It was built on 1961 and its previous owners include popular names like Howard Hughes, Andre Agassi, Jan Jones Blackhurst, and Irwin Molasky.

Tana’s Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

Height 1.70 meters
Weight NA
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown


Tana loves to spend time with her husband and kids.

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Instagram, Twitter, & Social Media Presence


She does not seem to be active on social media. It’s been nearly 5 years since she last tweeted and she does not have an Instagram account. However, you can find her photos in #tanaflowers.

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