Everything You Need to Know About Lindsay Myeni (Wife of Late Lindani Myeni)

Lindsay Myeni is the widow of Lindani Myeni, the victim of the police shooting in Honolulu on April 14. Lindsay is an American citizen born and raised in Hawaii who met her late South African husband during her missionary work in South Africa. The couple were happy and were raising their two beautiful children together until the heartbreaking incident took place.

Lindsay still remembers her late husband as a kind and humble man who became a victim of racism and police brutality. She is still fighting to get justice for her late husband.

Quick Biography

Popular NameLindsay Myeni
Real NameLindsay Myeni
Date of birth1991
Age32 years old
Place of birthHawaii, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseLate Lindani Sanele Myeni
SonNot disclosed
DaughterNot disclosed
Net worthUnknown
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
FacebookLindsay Myeni

Lindsay Net Worth

No one knows her net worth, but they lived a well-off life from the money that Lindani earned from his past sports career.

Lindsay Personal Life And Family

Lindsay is an American by birth. She grew up in the islands of Hawaii. She always wanted to travel, so she traveled to eleven countries.

It was her traveling that led her to meet her late husband, Lindani. They met each other in Duran and instantly felt the connection.  

Initially, they spent three years together in South Africa but later moved to Hawaii just this year in January.

Lindani was the prince of the Zulu kingdom in South Africa. He had a career as a rugby player and used to play for the Durban-based Jaguars. He also loved singing and even once appeared in the South African Idol.

Despite being from two entirely different continents, Lindsay and Lindanu had a happy and loving marriage. They were raising a son and a daughter together.

However, everything changed when her husband was shot dead by the Honolulu police.

Lindsay Husband and Relationship

Lindsay had a loving and happy relationship with her late husband, Lindani.

 She met him six years ago in Durban in 2015 when she was stuck there instead of flying to Japan. She met Lindani in the recreational room when he invited her to join him.

The two instantly felt a strong connection and started dating each other. In a few years, they got married and had two beautiful children, a son, and a daughter. The couple lived happily until Lindani’s death.

Even on the day of the shooting, Lindsay recalls speaking to Lindani on the phone just twenty minutes before the unfortunate incident.


Nothing is out of her educational background.


Lindsay hasn’t talked about her career in public as she is putting all her effort into getting justice for her late husband whenever she is among the media.

Her Husband Lindani’s death

Lindani Myeni, the late husband of Lindsay Myeni and father of two, is the victim of the police shooting in Nuuanu, Honolulu.

 One of the women in the neighborhood reported burglary in progress and called the police. She made a report that someone entered her house and opened his shoes, and tried to chat. But the owner was upset and he took his leave from there. Police could not find any evidence which pointed that Lindani took something from the house.

When the police arrived, Lindani was already out of the house. But the women, who had reported him, showed light on him, and one of the police commanded Lindani to lie on the ground.

When police reached the scene, they just started commanding him to lie down without disclosing their identity. They surrounded him, which made him felt threatened, and he started fighting back. It made the police use a taser on him, but it did not work.

Later the police fired four gunshots which fatally injured Lindani. He then was moved to The Queen’s Medical Center, where he took his last breath.

This incident took place just after a week of a previous shooting in Honolulu when a sixteen-year-old Iremamber Sykap was shot and killed by the Honolulu police. Both the victims were unarmed.

Upon knowing the news of Lindani, his family came forward to seek justice for their beloved one. Lindsay repeatedly explains that in her husband’s culture, it was customary to visit your neighbor. And him taking his shoes off was a way of showing respect in his culture. 

She is sure that her husband was a victim of racism. She has mentioned it repeatedly that her husband would be alive if he were white. 

While Lindsay is fighting for justice for her husband by filing a case against the Honolulu police, the police department denied all the allegations. They pointed out that Lindani injured their officers. The department also has not released the body cam of one of their three officers who shot Lindani and has also confiscated the phone belonging to Lindani as evidence.

Lindsay and her family were not satisfied by the statements of the department. They still believe that it was an act of hatred toward the black community and are still fighting for justice. They have even collected funds through GoFundMe, which they are using for the burial and the lawyers.