Olympics Gold Medalist Lee Kiefer’s Bio, Net Worth, & Husband

The most talked-about Olympic Games Tokyo finally started after being delayed due to the COVID scenarios.  As the games proceeded, many players shone brighter than ever. One of those players was the  29 year old foil fencer Lee Kiefer.

Lee Kiefer is one of the participants in the 2020 Olympic Games, who has been ruling foil fencing. She made headlines by winning gold for her country. She defeated the defending Russian foil fencer, Inna Deriglazova. 

However, this is not the first time Kiefer has made her country proud. She was a member of the American Foil Fencing team who won the World Championship in 2018. She also has many more medals to her name. 

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameLee Kiefer
Real NameLee Kiefer
Date of birthJune 15, 1994
Age29 years old
Place of birthCleveland, Ohio, USA
FatherSteve Kiefer
MotherTeresa Kiefer
SisterAlex Kiefer
BrotherAxel Kiefer
SpouseGerek Meinhardt
OccupationProfessional Foil Fencer and Medical Student
Net worth1 Million – 3 Million USD
Height5.4 ft (163cm)
Weight45 kgs
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorDark brown
Instagram idleetothekiefer

Lee Kiefer’s Net Worth

The right-handed fencer has been fencing in many games ever since she was in high school. 

She not only played well but also has various titles to her name. Just recently, she even won gold in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

All these have given her massive fame as well as fortune. Though she is in medical school, she still has a net worth of around 1 Million to 3 Million USD from her fencing career.

Lee Personal Life And Family

Kiefer was born in Cleveland, but her family moved to Lexington in Kentucky, where she grew up.

The gold medalist is as skillful as any other world-class fencer, and it is all thanks to her father.

Her father, Steve, is a neurosurgeon by profession but has a passion for fencing. Steve himself is also a skilled fencer who even led the fencing team at Duke University.

Like her father, Kiefer’s mother also works in the medical field as a psychiatrist. As both of her parents are in medicine, Kiefer and her sister also got inclined to the medical field. Lee is still preparing to be a doctor while her sister is already a doctor.

The siblings got influenced by both of their parents to join the medical field. But, it was their father who made them love fencing.

Kiefer has shared that she saw her father fencing and became instantly interested. Later, her father started teaching her and her siblings about fencing. They used to practice in their empty hall. They even visited a club twice a week to practice though it was one and a half-hour away.

Initially, her father taught them fencing as a way to spend some quality family time. But as Kiefer and her sibling practiced more, they saw it as a way to develop focus, visit places and make new friends.

Not only Kiefer but both of her siblings also got into fencing. Her sister, Alex, also did fencing when she was studying at Harvard and even went to win the NCAA Championship in 2011.

The legacy did not stop here as it got passed to Kiefer’s younger brother, Axel. Her brother was part of many fencing games while attending Notre Dame. He holds the title of the 2015 National Fencing Championship in the Junior category. He also took part in the NCAA Championship, where he ended second.

Kiefer has taken part in many fencing games since high school and has continued to work hard. Her hard work has paid off in many games, including the recent Olympics.

Fencing has not only made her get her medals but also her husband. Kiefer is married to another fellow fencer who also happens to be a medical student like her.

Lee Husband and Relationship

Lee has been married to another skilled fencer, Gerek Meinhardt. She met him during their games when they were representing the USA.

The couple shared many other things in common, like their love for medicine, which made them close very soon.

They started dating in 2012, and it took Meinhardt six years to pop the question.

The couple then got engaged in 2018 and waited for a year before getting married in 2019.

The couple is enjoying a blissful married life to this day. They are even in the recent Olympic Games together, representing the USA.


Kiefer comes from a family with a solid academic background. 

She did her schooling at Paul Laurence Dunbar High school. After high school, she joined the University of Notre Dame.

After graduating from Notre Dame, she wanted to continue the legacy of her parents. So, she enrolled in the Kentucky College of medicine to become a doctor.


Kiefer started fencing ever since she was a little girl. She learned from her father and became a skilled fencer.

She started taking part in fencing competitions in her high school days. In 2011, she won a bronze in the World Fencing Championship in women’s foil. 

Just a year after this, she took part in the London Olympic Games, where she ranked fifth.

She was a skilled yet mediocre player till 2013. However, this changed in 2014 and 2015, when she won second place in games.

It was just the start as Kiefer kept growing and growing as a more skilled fencer. She finally won gold during the Long Beach Grand Prix in 2017. This win moved her ranking to number one in the FIE ranking and made her the first-ever American woman to rank at the top.

She kept showing the impressive play in many other games and even got selected for the Olympic Games Tokyo that was supposed to be in 2020.

Though the Olympics got delayed, Kiefer did not stop practicing. She shared that she and her husband used to practice in the basement of her parents’ house.

Her practice paid off as she became the first American to win gold in the Individual foil game of the Olympics after winning gold in the Olympic Games Tokyo.