Ethan Marrell (Ozzy Man) | Net Worth, Wife, & Bio

Ethan Marrell is a renowned YouTuber famous for his made-up persona as an Australian Bogan man named Ozzy man. Marrell posts fun review videos on broad topics like sports, animals, series, etc. His honest reviews and sarcastic commentary makes his video fun to watch despite the foul language.

Marrell started his YouTube channel, Ozzy Man Reviews, just for fun while getting his Master’s degree. However, after Oberyn vs Mountain (The Denial Version) became viral, he soon made it a full-time thing.

Through his persona of Bogan man, he wanted to present Bogan people as intelligent people despite the stereotypical beliefs.

Biography & Wiki Summary

Popular NameOzzy man
Real NameEthan Marrel
Date of birthFebruary 2, 1986
Age38 years old
Place of birthAustralia
Current cityPerth, Australia
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
PartnerNot disclosed
SonNot disclosed
OccupationYouTuber and Former standup comedian
Net worth10 Million USD
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBlue
Instagram idozzymanreviews
TwitterOzzy Man Reviews
FacebookOzzy Man Reviews
YouTubeOzzy Man Reviews

Ethan Marrell’s Net Worth

Marrell has a successful career as the Ozzy man through his YouTube channel Ozzy Man Reviews.

He has been uploading content on the channel since 2014 and has around 5.12 million subscribers.

As a YouTuber, he has earned worldwide popularity and a great deal of money.

He earns around 5600 USD per day and 2 million per year just from ads on his video.

Besides this, he also earns extra money through his work with brands.

By March of 2024, the YouTuber had around 10 million USD as his net worth.

His Personal Life and Family

Marrell has kept his personal life private for privacy concerns.

So, though he talks about them in a few of his videos, he has yet to share details about them.

Despite not knowing many details about his personal life, the fans of Marrell knows that he is a good guy with a great sense of humor.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness month, the YouTuber raises funds to help the kids undergoing cancer treatment.

During one of his fundraiser events, around sixteen thousand fans from ninety countries brought eight thousand T-shirts and raised over 650 to 700 thousand USD in three to four weeks.

Marrell shaved his hair and got rid of his mullet to keep his word. He had previously announced that he would get rid of his mullet if he would collect around 50 thousand USD to help the kids with cancer.

Ozzy Man’s Girlfriend and Relationship

Marrell has not shared anything about his partner publicly. But during one of his videos in 2018, he shared about expecting a baby with his partner.

So, it is clear that he is in a relationship and even has a baby.

However, the lack of a wedding ring on his finger points that the couple is yet to get married.


According to his LinkedIn page, Marrell has an advanced diploma in screen and video production from Film & Television Institute.

Besides this, he also has a Master of Internet communication degree from Curtin University.


Marrell started his career by doing standup comedy in different pubs in Perth when he was just seventeen.

He did comedy gigs here and there for five years before taking a gap in his career.

After the gap years, he wrote and produced the award-winning short film The Dinner Meeting.

While still working in the movie, he joined the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation as a performer and worked there for a year till 2012.

Till 2014, Marrell got involved in several projects. He worked as a producer for Corporate Cinematic Challenge and a writer, producer, chief, and director of the web series Super Dingo.

Before joining Red Tiki in its social media strategy and management department, he worked as a producer for different projects.

Along with these projects, Marrell also started uploading comedy videos on YouTube and used his persona of an Australian Bogan man named Ozzy man to present his content.

Usually, when people hear about Bogans, they picture stereotypes, but the YouTuber wanted to change the typical views about the Bogans with the Ozzy man.

One of his American screenwriter friends suggested the name Ozzy man, which later became a famous character who is kind but has a foul mouth.

In the beginning, Marrell only posted review videos on his YouTube channel as a side thing, but later decided to make it a full-time thing.

So, in 2016, he left all his side hustle to put all his focus on his YouTube channel.

Soon, his subscribers on YouTube increased drastically from 100 thousand, and so did his Facebook followers, which were 300 thousand.

His video titled “Ozzy Man Reviews: Yanet Garcia & Mexican Weather” is his most popular one to date.

Since then, Marrell has continued uploading more and more videos on his channel talking about a wide range of subjects, from animals to people to series.

Because of his fun commentary and great comic timing, he has earned plenty of fans all over the globe.

His fans are loyal and supportive of his content and even inbox him with content to make videos.

Once a week, Marrell also gets heartfelt messages from his fans where they share that Ozzy Man Reviews had helped them go through difficult moments.

Besides comforting his fans through his successful YouTube channel, Marrell also lends his voice in commercials and other projects and collaborates with different brands.