TV Host Eli Cuevas’ Wife, Children, Net Worth, & Military Record

Eli Cuevas is a popular TV host known for hosting the History Channel show Brothes in Arms. The veteran who was an Army Ranger hosts the show together with his friend Vincent his friend “Rocco” Vargas.

Quick Bio

  • Real name:- Eli Cuevas
  • Nickname:- Eli                         
  • Date of birth:- 1985-02-22
  • Age:- 37 years old
  • Place of birth:- Crawfordsville, Indiana
  • Father:- Not disclosed                             
  • Mother:- Not disclosed                 
  • Siblings:- One brother
  • Brother:- Ryden Cuevas
  • Status:- Engaged
  • Partner:- Alex Zedra
  • Children:- Two
  • Daughter:- Brooklyn Rose Cuevas
  • Son:- Ryden Cuevas
  • Occupation:- Former military, businessman, gamer, and TV host 
  • Net worth:- 2 Million – 5 Million USD
  • Nationality:- Mexican- American
  • Ethnicity:- Mixed
  • Religion:- Christianity
  • Zodiac:- Aquarius
  • Height:- Unknown
  • Weight:- Unknown
  • Measurement- Unknown              
  • Hair color:- Black
  • Eye color:- Black
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Facebook:- Eli Cuevas
  • Instagram id:- eli_doubletap
  • Twitter:- Eli_Doubletap


Cuevas has not discussed the name of the institutes that he attended during his school days. However, it’s out that he went to school in his hometown, Crawfordsville but dropped out during high school. He did not complete his studies, for which his dad still asks him to join the school to this day.

Eli Cuevas Parents, Family, Children, and Personal Life

Eli Cuevas was raised in Indiana. He has not disclosed much about his parents but has mentioned he has a brother named Ryden Cuevas. 

Eli is also a father. He had two children from his previous relationship, a daughter and a son. 

His son, Ryden Cuevas, is autistic but is talented. Unfortunately, his firstborn daughter, Brooklyn Rose Cuevas, passed away at a young age. Eli posted a picture of his firstborn fingerprints and footprints on his Instagram with a heart-touching warm message for his angel. He carries the memory of his daughter in his heart all the time. 

He is also always there to take care of and guide his second-born son. Eli shares many pictures and videos with his son on his social media and even has made videos focusing on awareness for autism. Eli has always been a family man. 

He is now engaged to Alex Zendra and living happily with his family in San Antonio, Texas.

Eli Cuevas Wife and Alex Zedra

Eli likes to keep his personal life as private as possible so no one knows about the mother of his children. But, what they know is that he is engaged to the beautiful yet bold Alex Zedra

Alex is a video as well as an elite athlete. Eli proposed to Alex, and they shared the news to the world in Dec 2017 through his Instagram. Eli jokes that his memes, average looks, and the terrible shot group helped him to impress Alex. The couple is going strong and is looking forward to getting married.

Eli Cuevas Net Worth

Eli has a very successful career with a whopping net worth from 2 Million to 5 Million USD. He gets a prime amount of his income from working for the BRCC. Besides these, he also earns a hefty sum from the military surplus store and the clothing brand that he owns with Rocco.


Eli started working just after dropping out of high school. His first job was in a local factory, but it only lasted for four hours. 

After quitting his job, Eli applied for the military as infantry. He got deployed for fifteen months in Baghdad. His time in Baghdad was not pleasant at all. He didn’t even get any time to relax or rest. 

While in the military, he was a Squad Designated Marksman. He served many years in Iraq and Afghanistan during his twenty years in the military. After fulfilling his duty for his nation, Eli retired, but he kept active by working as a personal trainer. 

Eli also used to race cars and play video games to keep the thrill in life. One of the games he loved playing was Final Fantasy. He was all excited about the release of Final Fantasy XIV. However, the game disappointed him badly. He made a short video reviewing it and vented all the frustration that it has caused him. The video went viral and became the start of his journey in digital media. 

After his reviewing video went viral, Eli started learning new film techniques. He also started learning and experimenting with visual effects. He looked up to Freddie Wong and his Rocketjump videos for learning new techniques. 

His friend, Gallagher Scott, also helped him in his videos. They started making more short reviewing videos every week. 

Soon, he started getting more viewers, which led him to secure a job in Power Moga, a mobile gaming company. While Eli was still working there, he got a chance to meet with Freddie Wong. He then was offered a job At the Rocketjump. Eli took the job and then moved to LA without thinking much. 

Once he was in LA, he called his long-time online friend Jarred Taylor and his team members from the Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) to a Christmas party. After meeting with the members, Eli started working for the company. He was responsible for the visual effects in the movie Range 15

He also shot many commercials as well as created the online series Drunken Debrief for the company. 

After working for some time, Eli officially joined the BRCC team in Utah. Without any hesitation, Eli joined the BRCC team and started working with Mat Best on creating content for the company. Eli clicked instantly and perfectly with Mat, and both of them worked together to create content. They even started streaming COD on Twitch thrice a week. 

While all this was going on, Eli also got the chance to host a TV show on the History channel called Brothers in Arms. He co-hosted the show with his best friend from the military days, Vincent Rocco Vargas. The show was not a hit, but Eli saw it as an experience, which gave him more confidence to work in front of the camera. 

With this new confidence, Eli started appearing in many videos of the BRCC. He even shares stories in the Drunken Debrief

Besides his career in the digital world, Eli also co-owns the Bandits Armory in Ogden, Utah, with his best friend, Rocco. They not only sell military equipment there but also test, fix and even restore them. These two best friends also own the merchandise, and production enterprise, Double-tap Gear. 

Eli’s career is going great both on the internet and outside of the internet. Eli has a good number of followers on his social media. He has over 12.5k followers on Twitter and 120K on Instagram. His channel in Twitch is also growing well.

Awards and achievements

While in the military, the United States Department Of the Army awarded Eli with the Purple Heart. For his second mission in Iraq, the prestigious award was awarded to Eli to commend his bravery.