Who is this Clubhouse New Icon Dandara Pagu?

The Brazilian activist and content creator, Dandara Pagu, is the successor of Drue Karaoke. Pagu is the new icon of the trending social media app, The Clubhouse.

Clubhouse took to Twitter to announce Pagu as their new icon on  20th July of 2021. The audio app is based on a democratic format and uses headshots of various extraordinary people as its icon to make its users familiar with them.

Before being an icon on the Clubhouse, Pagu worked as a content creator who worked for human rights, body positivity, and anti-racism.

Quick Biography Summary

Popular NameDandara Pagu
Real NameDandara Pagu
Date of birth1 May 
Place of birthRecife, Pernambuco, Brazil
FatherNot disclosed
MotherRosemere Florencio da Silva
OccupationActivist, Content creator, Colunista and
Net worthUnknown
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Instagram iddandarapagu
YouTubeDandara Pagu

Dandara Net Worth

Pagu has a decent career in social media as a content creator. The recent link with the Clubhouse had added more followers to her social media. 

It might have even brought an increase in her income too. However, her net worth is not known. 

Dandara Personal Life And Family

Pagu was born in Recife, one of the poorest parts of the northeastern region of Brazil. She was raised there along with her twelve siblings, out of which four passed away when they were just kids.  

Being born in the underdeveloped part of the country in a large family, Pagu is familiar with poverty. She has also lived a life in violence.

Pagu has shared that her life has been full of unfortunate events. She has been the victim of sexual violence and racism, which has left a deep scar on her.

Pagu also opens up about how she took the help of therapies to overcome her traumas and be optimistic. After her thera[pies, she was able to talk about it calmly.

Her story resonates with the feeling and situations of many more Brazilians who have to go through hardships just like Pagu.

Pagu stands strong as a Black woman fighting the bitter reality of the world and starts conversations among thousands of strangers. These are the same people who might not even consider her as someone who deserves any rights.

Pagu believes that racism is a disease that infects everyone. Though the magnitude of suffering from it might vary from person to person, still it makes everyone suffer.

She also shared that she joined the audio-only app to be seen and heard. She believes other people join in for the same reason.

She has been starting heavy yet necessary conversation in different Clubhouse rooms as an informal mediator. Her infectious smile and graceful way of talking welcomes and initiates many of these kinds of needed conversations.

Currently, Pagu is in Sao Paulo, using her platform to bring a change to her community.

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Dandara Husband and Relationship

It hasn’t been long enough that Pagu became the icon of the Clubhouse. So, not much about her relationship is out yet. 


Pagu hasn’t shared anything about her educational background.


Before joining the Clubhouse, Pagu was making a career for her in the digital platform.

Pagu has her own YouTube channel, Dandara Pagu, with 1.42 thousand subscribers. 

She worked as a content creator, columnist, and podcaster. She covers and talks about different topics. Some Days she talks about skincare, while other days, she talks about anti-racism and body positivity.

Pagu also works as a writer for Bonita de pele and as a podcaster for Dindiztu podcast. She is an activist for human rights, especially of Black women, and also advocates for body positivity. All of which are visible in her contents.

When Culbuhouse got launched last year, Pagu joined and started moderating conversations in different rooms of the Clubhouse. She started initiating conversations on issues like poverty, racism, etc. 

She wanted people to have these kinds of conversations to raise the political and social ideology of the people who even denied her rights as a Black woman.

Her strong determination and infectious smile drew people towards having difficult conversations. Her easy nature helped her to make people feel comfortable while talking around her.

Many people started joining and having conversations about different issues because of her. For initiating something like this, Pagu got selected as the icon of the Clubhouse in June of this year.

Her being the icon of Clubhouse has not only brought her honor but has also increased her fanbase. She has 51.7 people following her on Instagram.