Main Reasons Why Celebrities Give Up Being Vegan

Keeping a vegan diet is a modern trend for a while. A lot of people promote replacing animal food with plants. Celebrities always follow modern trends, and most of them changed their nutrition preferences to keep the vegan diet. Let’s make a deep dive and discover what a vegan diet is and why celebrities started and quit it then in the post below.

What is the Vegan Diet?

Veganism is not only a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Its primary purpose is to decrease the humans’ impact on animals to zero. For this purpose, vegans should avoid any food and products that are made of animals. Yes, vegans don’t use leather wallets and belts.

Moreover, they don’t consume any animal products: meat, eggs, fish, honey, and dairy. It means that even a cheese sandwich isn’t an acceptable meal for vegans. Remember this if you’re planning to host vegans in your home.

Vegan vs. Vegetarian

A lot of people confuse the vegan and vegetarian diets. Even though they may sound similar, these are two different diets. Unlike vegans, vegetarians are allowed to consume eggs, dairy, and honey. Also, they are allowed to consume alcohol.

Meat is a protein-dense food that all people need to be healthy. Both vegans and vegetarians replace animal protein with beans and soy milk.

Why Do Celebrities Start Being Vegan?

There are a lot of reasons why different celebs start keeping the vegan diet. However, there are three foremost motivations for celebrities to become vegan. 

Firstly, they become vegans due to ethical reasons. They stop eating animal products and use any leather products and fur clothes. 

Secondly, keeping a vegan diet is a great way to lose weight as plant food delivers fewer calories. 

Thirdly, celebrities want to be strong, fit, and healthy. Some of them decide to become vegan to achieve this goal.

Why Celebrities Give Up Being Vegan

The number of celebs who quit their vegan diets is increasing every month. For sure, it drives to explore the issue in more detail and find out if there are any problems. Keep on reading the post and explore the foremost reasons why celebrities switched back from their vegan diets.

Hard To Follow

Eating plants only, you have to be a nutritional expert to calculate the proper amount of carbs, fats, and protein that you consume.

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However, it’s a hard task for most celebrities that requires a lot of time, which is almost impossible to find in their tight schedules. If you decide to avoid eating animal products without creating well-thought-out meal plans, it can lead to health problems, bad mood, and energy loss. 

Health Problems

It is the foremost reason why celebs give up being vegan. Even though the vegan diet promotes a better impact on health, there is one drawback.

If not to follow a well-planned vegan diet, your organism may experience a lack of calories, vitamin B12, and protein constantly. As a consequence, it can lead to health problems. 

For instance, Liam Hemsworth followed the vegan diet for several years but then was hospitalized. He had stones in kidney and heart palpitations. His body was also exhausted due to a large amount of acid from plant products that he consumed. To avoid this in the future, he decided to quit the vegan diet and started eating animal products again.

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Weight Loss

The plant-based diet can be extremely helpful for losing weight. Anne Hathaway reported that the vegan diet helped her lose weight to get the Catwoman role in the “The Dark Knight Rises” movie. However, this diet led her to a bad mood and energy loss due to a lack of energy. She quit her diet when she ate some fish and got better.

Samuel L. Jackson gave up being vegan when he nearly lost a film role. Consuming only plan food for seven months, he didn’t receive enough calories and lost weight, which was inappropriate for acting.

Lack of Energy

Plants deliver fever calories that animal food. To consume the required amount of calories from plants to keep an active lifestyle, celebrities must eat almost every 2-3 hours. It is an improbable luxury for most celebrities with tight schedules.

Zooey Deschanel reported that she gave up being vegan because she didn’t get enough energy from plants. Also, she cannot consume soy, which made it extremely difficult to follow the diet. 

Angelina Jolie said that she didn’t feel good because of a lack of calories in her nutrition, being a vegan. Therefore, she started eating meat again to feel better.

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Recommendation for Vegans

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be healthy by avoiding meat, eggs, and dairy from your diet. You should become a nutrition expert and consume enough proteins from tofu, soy, or nuts and get enough vitamins from plant food. Also, note that plants deliver fewer calories, so that you need to eat a lot of food to receive enough energy.