Ten Celebrities Who Are Real Dog Lovers

Some people don’t have dogs for one simple reason: they require much time and attention that you cannot afford in today’s world. For example, you are a student and you are overwhelmed with current tasks and projects: you have no time to walk your dog twice a day, although you can send a request «I need help on my homework» to a professional service and delegate some assignments thus having some free time. Or you work full-time, and when you get back home, you have no energy left to entertain your pet (although there are multiple ways for the right time management).

With so many ways to help us with our daily responsibilities including help with assignment writing, you have no excuses to get a dog. Take celebrities as an example: these people have no spare time even for their families, but some are real dog lovers. If you are still unsure, you can find top Hollywood celebrities that are practically obsessed with their dogs in this guide. 

Top famous people who love their dogs

When celebrities are making sweet pictures with their puppies, it makes them even more adorable. Even having a tight schedule between filming, they always find time for their fluffy friends. On this list, we will mention all famous dog lovers, so prepare for a daily dose of pup love:

Chris Evans

Strong and powerful Captain America looks like this only on your TV screen. Then he goes home, changes a superhero costume to a homie T-shirt, and cuddles up with his dog Dodger. Chris adopted him four years ago when he was filming in the movie «Gifted.» Chris noticed one lonely creature, and since then, they have become best friends. On his social account, Evans shares pictures of Dodger’s life, including touching reunions when the actor has is away from home for a long time for another movie filming and pranks played on his colleagues;

Tom Holland

This actor also belongs to the Marvel series (you probably know him for playing young Spiderman), and he is well-known for his intense love for his dog. If you check his Instagram, you will see a lot of pictures with her dog Tessa. The actor brings the dog to film premieres, dresses it up in funny costumes, and takes to dinner;

Jenny Slate

The comedian and popular actress, Jenny often posts pictures on her Instagram with her dog Reggie that she adores so much. Jenny said that she met the pet when she had rough days, and thanks to him, her life changed for the better;

Ariana Grande

There is no surprise that this wonderful woman loves dogs. She has rescued many puppies and now actually has nine pets. All of them have unique names like Cinnamon, Sirius, and Ophelia. We bet that the actress won’t stop on this number;

Hilary Duff

Hilary and her partner Matthew have recently adopted a beautiful dog called Lucy. They have walks with her, taking Boomerangs and playing a lot even when the actress is busy with filming. Duff really spends a lot of time with her four-legged fluffy friend, and that is awesome;

Jennifer Garner

The actress and her dog named Birdie spend a lot of time cuddling up by the fireplace, playing, reading books, and just enjoying time together with her children. There is even a series of posts on her Instagram named Books with Birdie where the actress shares what she has recently read to her dog and gives recommendations on the book choice;

Justin Theroux

One more huge dog lover and adopter is this actor. He spends a lot of time posting pictures and stories on his Instagram, sharing information about special organizations that help to find rescue dogs, new families. One of his current pets is the dog that survived Hurricane Harvey: Justin is hanging out with him at press events and when promoting shelters, thus inspiring other people to adopt dogs and give them new families;

Chelsea Handler

This is one more celebrity treating her dogs, Bert and Bernice, with love and care, like a child. After losing other dogs, she adopted both of them and now is constantly updating her social accounts with pictures of their life together. Chelsea says that she is a very committed mom of dogs, and it’s true;

Bryan Greenberg

The husband of Jamie Chung, the actor, named his dog Ewok (it’s very original, right?) and is not shy to share pictures with his best fluffy friend to let the world know about their life together. He posts lovely updates on their adventures and daily routine;

Kylie Jenner

The celebrity owns four dogs even though her boyfriend struggles to remember all their names. She has created a joint Instagram account for two of her dogs, where she shares fresh content of good boys.