Hasan Minhaj | Biography and Stardom

We all know of comedians among us. Many of them crack good jokes and have witty replies. Still, it takes someone special to come up to the international platform and talk about sensitive, funny, witty, serious, and political topics all while keeping them in the realm of humor.

Hasan Minhaj is one such comedian, writer, and producer who tackles everything thrown at him and sends it back to the sender in a witty reply peppered with intellect. 

He’s done a phenomenal job so far, with his shows, The Patriotism Act and The King’s Jester, and keeps us on our toes with scrumptious content flowing into every event. 

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Now, without further ado, let’s get into the celeb’s star-studded profile and stardom. 


NameHasan Minhaj
Age38 years old
BirthdaySeptember 23, 1985
ProfessionComedian, Writer, & Producer
Net Worth$2 million (Estimated)
WifeBeena Patel
ParentsNajme Minhaj and Seema Usmani
Height1.83 m
EthnicityMuslim Indian American

Early Life

Hasan Minhaj is the first-born child of immigrants from India. His personality has always been a quirky one.

Since high school, Minhaj has enjoyed cracking jokes, being the center of attention but also being very inquisitive. 

Ultimately, Minhaj found a way to channel his energy when he saw Chris Rock’s show, Never Scared. 

This put an idea inside Minhaj’s head to use his creativity to earn himself some cash. And lo and behold, he started traveling to San Francisco to perform.

His early shows were super concise with a handful of audience. But this soon changed once people realized how he incorporates humor and political affairs together. 

His talks had a unique touch to them and the audience couldn’t get enough of it. Thus began the era of The Patriotism Act. 

Venture into Other Platforms


Apart from Hasan’s dominance over the standup comedy platform, he has been instrumental in other events too. 

The superstar has gone as far as showing his mettle in gaming when he voiced Rabi Ray Rana in the critically acclaimed game, Far Cry 4. For those of you who’ve played it, you must be familiar with the upbeat, annoying voice running over the radio which kept you up to date with the world and all the mayhem caused by you. The guy also sang for you on special occasions when he felt like it. 

Web Series

Hasan likes to get candid too. His web series, The Truth with Hasan Minhaj, was a subtle swipe at how he was treated as a person of color living in the States in his early life. 

Hasan always makes the clever decision never to get incredibly personal with his ramblings and rantings so as to not offend anyone. 

Though the ones who know him, always get the hint when he’s talking about something important. 

Political Talks

Hasan is known for getting up close and personal with political affairs. Even though he is always smart in defining his boundaries himself and not offending anyone on a personal level but stuff always comes back to bite him. 

In 2017, Minhaj was invited to Washinton D.C where important political personalities were present at the House Correspondent’s Dinner. 

Hasan took this opportunity to clap back at the people there in a very humorous way. 

Particularly, he talked about American politics, the President at the time, and the Washington press corps. All this was of course heavily influenced by preceding events and he made sure to not make anything up. 

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Hasan hasn’t fallen short of awards too. In response to him raking in so many views online and filling up stadiums, halls, and concert spaces, the celebrity has enjoyed a unique status that has bagged him two Peabody awards for his shows, The Homecoming King and The Patriot Act. 

The thing with Hasan is that he knows how to set the tone for his shows. Homecoming had a different flavor to that of The Patriot Act, where he instilled some political views and the bias that follows it. 

His shows are always well-researched and planned for and that’s what makes all the difference. 

Concluding Thoughts

Hasan Minhaj has established himself as a worthy competitor in the world of standup comedy, entertainment, and talk shows. You can never guess what he’d fish up next to talk about and that’s the beauty of his shows. 

Minhaj is still going strong with years of tantalizing, snappy comedy to give to his audience and we would love to see more of him on-screen and in person. 

There is no denying that his position in the Asian committee is also well respected because of his acknowledgment and addressing of various current issues. 

Personalities like Fahim Anwar and Asif Ali have nothing but praise for him as well.  

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