8 Celebrities Who Dropped Out of College

The world tells us that it’s vital to get a degree to become a professional in a particular niche and get a great job. However, celebrities show the opposite. In some cases, a higher education diploma isn’t a prerequisite for achieving success and becoming famous.

For sure, they had their reasons not to work hard to graduate. Most of them had to compromise on education to pursue their dreams. However, these days, there are a lot of essay writing services that help learners get high grades with no hassle. If you know nothing about homework help platforms, feel free to explore the essay writing service reviews, and read real users’ feedback. 

Keep on reading the post to review the stories of eight celebrities who dropped out of college but achieved success and became famous.

Ben Affleck

Ben wasn’t an exemplary student in his youth. He has entered the University of Vermont because of his girlfriend but left it in two months because of a trauma. He was focused on pursuing an acting career only.

Then, he moved to LA and entered Occidental College. However, he didn’t graduate from this college and left it after three semesters. However, in 2013, he finally received an honorary doctorate from Brown University.

Brad Pitt

The story of Brad Pitt is one of the most surprising. He was studying journalism at the University of Missouri. Just two weeks before graduation, Brad Pitt dropped from college and moved to LA.

It was a life-changing moment for Pitt. He has made a decision and succeeded in his desire to build an acting career. 

Further, the University of Missouri has offered Pit to get the two credits required to finish his course and get a degree. However, he didn’t accept that offer.

Oprah Winfrey

This celebrity on our list shows that a college degree isn’t the primary requirement for becoming famous. Oprah always was connected with the media and worked on a radio station while studying at Tennessee State University. 

Even though she had to get only one credit to graduate, she has dropped out of the university. Oprah has received a job offer from a local television station and decided not to lose her chance because of getting a degree. 

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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher didn’t plan to become an actor. He has entered the University of Iowa to study Biomechanical Engineering. However, in the second year, he won the Fresh Faces of Iowa modeling contest. 

After this event, Ashton has dropped out of the university and moved to New York. The actor has signed a contract with a modeling agency and began his career as a model and then as an actor.

Matt Damon

This famous Hollywood actor, Matt Damon, was accepted to Harvard. It is one of the most prestigious higher universities in the world. He has spent 12 semesters trying to master the Arts in English. However, he didn’t graduate since Matt was focused on gaining his acting career. 

He also had some time off college to act in the “Rising Son” movie. After all, Matt has only 12 credits left to get a diploma. However, as he mentioned in his interview, Matt doesn’t plan to finish college.

Lady Gaga

This popular singer is another celebrity who was accepted to Tisch School of the Arts. However, at that time, she was already a popular singer. Unfortunately, she had to choose between acquiring a degree or becoming a popular singer. Lady Gaga has chosen the second and dropped out of college.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This actor is famous for the movies’ Inception’,’ Snowden,” The Walk,’ etc. He is different from other celebs as he already had an acting career before entering college. After acting in two movies, Joseph decided to take a break at Columbia University in 2000.

He was studying History, Literature, and French Poetry for four years. However, in the fourth course, he decided that an acting career is much more important than education and dropped out of college.

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Mila Kunis

This actress started her acting career early when she was 14 y.o. Nevertheless, she decided to get a degree and entered UCLA. Then she was transferred to Loyola Marymount University. Anyway, shy didn’t finish it because she decided to focus on gaining her acting career.

Bottom Line
Remember, dropping out of college isn’t a trusted way to become a famous actor. However, sometimes, students have to choose between a higher education diploma and an acting career. The example of popular celebrities shows that pursuing your dreams is a better way to achieve success.